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This page is still under construction and will eventually provide you with a series of historical maps.

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Map 1: Europe in 1066

This map shows Europe in the year 1066

Map 2: Europe in 1215

Map 3: Europe in 1517

This map shows Europe in the year the Reformation began

Map 4: Europe in 1648

The map on the right shows Europe in the year 1648. What major event is associated with that year? What does the map tell you about the emergence of nation-states in Europe?

Map 5: Europe in 1705

This map shows Europe during the War of the Spanish Succession. France under Louis XIV. was at the height of its power. Sweden was still a great power in Europe.

Map 6: Europe in 1812

This map shows Europe during the Napoleonic Wars. Napoleon was at the height of his power.

Map 7: Europe in 1860

This map shows Europe in 1860.

Map 8: Europe in 1871

This map shows Europe right after German Unification in 1871.

Map 9: Europe in 1917

This map shows Europe during the year of the Russian Revolution.

Map 10: Europe after World War I

This map shows Europe in 1923.

Map 11: Europe in 1942

This map shows Europe at the height of Nazi aggression.

Map 12: Europe in 1945

Map 13: Europe in the 1950s

Map 14: Europe in 1990

Map 15: Europe in 1995

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