James M. Hillenbrand

Course syllabus

Lecture notes: Introduction to the IPA

Lecture notes (sort of): A few notes on drawing phonetic symbols

Lecture notes: Areas of study within phonetics

Lecture notes: Language

Pinker Youtube language lecture (recommended: ~50 minutes, but well worth it; it's excellent)

Assignment: Flap rule (due date will be announced in class after the topic is covered in lecture)

Assignment: Phonotactic rules (Ditto: due date will be announced after the topic is covered in lecture)

Lecture notes: Dialect

Reading: Grammar Puss

Lecture notes: Writing systems

Lecture notes: Vowels

Reading: Acoustics chapter - up to but NOT including the decibel (see also link to frequency response exercise below)

Lecture notes: Vowel acoustics

Lecture notes: Consonants

Lecture notes: Nonsegmentals (aka Suprasegmentals)

Lecture notes: Speech dynamics (coarticulation, etc.)

Exercise: Counting speech sounds

Exercise: Orthography vs. Phonetics/ Letters vs. Speech Sounds

Exercise: Vowel transcription 1

Exercise: Counting morphemes; free/unbound vs. bound morphemes

Exercises (strongly recommended): Exercises 1-7 from MacKay textbook (My transcriptions for 1-7) [do some; if they're too easy, move on]

Exercises (strongly recommended): Exercises 8-10 from MacKay textbook (My transcriptions for 8-10) [ditto - move on if they're too easy]

Study Guide for exam 2 (acoustics only)

Exercise: Acoustics puzzle; puzzle answers

Exercise: Frequency response/vector multiplication problems [do this after reading the acoustics chapter]

Exercise: Phonetic transcriptions are given, you supply the words (answers attached)

Exercise: Consonant clusters (answers attached)

Exercise: General transcription practice

Exercise: Phonetic transcription practice 1 (Powerpoint file)

Exercise: Phonetic transcription practice 2 (Powerpoint file)

Exercise: Phonetic transcription practice 3 (Powerpoint file)

Exercise: Reverse transcription puzzle / Clues to reverse transcription puzzle

Place, manner, and voicing table for English

Blank place, manner, and voicing table for English

Place, manner, and voicing study sheet

MiniAlvin for SPPA 2040:

(1a) Windows installer 

(1b) Max OSX installer (How to fix 'unknown developer' error.)

(2) Keyboard mappping for phonetic symbols (you need the information in these tables for the word transcription exercises)

(3) How to find Alvin results files (with any kind of luck you won't need this, but grab the file just in case)

Assignment: Vocal tract synthesis (ArticSyn):

(1) Installer (Windows only)

(2) Help in getting started

(3) Vocal tract synthesis assignment

(4) If you have a Mac, or can't get the software to run on your Windows machine: ArticSyn runs on Win machines in the LRC. There is a desktop shortcut. Save your files to a flash drive, then email them as described in the exercise write-up.

NOTE: The font installers below should no longer be necessary. Also, font2 does not work properly under Mac OSX.

Phonetic font installer (for Windows -- install fonts to \windows\fonts)

Phonetic fonts (for Mac users): font 1, font 2: (a) right click (ctrl/click with a 1-button mouse) and choose "Save target as" (b) put the file some place where you can find it; (c) double-click the font file and click the "Install" button at the bottom.

Click here to download the Powerpoint Viewer