James M. Hillenbrand

Course syllabus

Reading: Acoustics chapter

Study guide for exam 1

Study guide for exam 2

Study guide for exam 3

SpeechTool/Ztool (This software is needed for most of the labs. Note: The program runs only under Windows. If you not have access to a Windows machine, you will have to run the labs in the LRC - 1st floor, near the cafe.)

Lab 1: Narrowband vs. broadband/wideband spectrograms

Lab 2: f0 and periodicity

Lab 3: Formant frequency measurement

Lab 4: Vocal tract synthesis/Articulatory synthesis

(1) Installer

(2) Help in getting started

(3) Vocal tract synthesis assignment

(4) Rhotic vowels (ppt slides covering the special case of schwar)

(5) What to do if you have a Mac, or cannot get the software to run on your Windows machine.

Lab 5: Breathy voice

Lab 6: Voice onset time

Language structure lecture notes (We may or may not cover this material)

Fourier analysis problem (Do this exercise after we cover Fourier analysis in class)

Frequency response problem (Do this exercise after we cover array muliplication in class)

Phase demo

Amplitude spectrum vs. phase spectrum

Narrowband and wideband (also broadband) spectrogram lecture notes

Source-filter theory lecture notes

Respiration lecture notes

Phonation lecture notes

Breathy voice lecture notes

Vocal register (e.g., glottal fry, falsetto, modal) lecture notes

Perturbation (jitter/shimmer) demonstration

Vibrato demonstration

Vocal intensity lecture notes

Vowel acoustics lecture notes

Rhotic vowels (and consonants) lecture notes

Dyanmic source filter theory (the thrill-a-minute journey from static vowels to dynamic vowels to semivowels to stops)

Stop consonant voicing lecture notes

Some English phonological rules for aspiration

Fricative lecture notes

Speech intelligibility lecture notes

You should not need to install phonetic symbol fonts, but I leave them here in case I'm wrong.

Phonetic font installer (Windows only -- install fonts to \windows\fonts)

Phonetic fonts for Macs -- Right click the fonts and save them to "/Library/Fonts": SILDoulosIPA, Phonetic2