James M. Hillenbrand

Course syllabus

Preliminaries chapter

Exponential notation

Acoustics chapter

Auditory physiology chapter

Fourier analysis exercise (Note: part 1 of this exercise is optional, but it wouldn't hurt to do enough of it to be sure you have the idea)

Phase demonstration

Frequency response exercise

acoustics crossword puzzle (answers to puzzle)

Study guide for exam 1 (Word)

Study guide for exam 2 (Word)

Decibel study guide (Word)

Anatomy & Physiology Overview (Powerpoint)

Conductive mechanism

Anatomy of the sensorineural mechanism


Hair cell transduction

Physiology of the sensorineural mechanism

The vestibular system (quick tour)

The central auditory system

Anatomy crossword

Cochlear implants (Powerpoint)

Traveling wave animation (.avi file, 17 Mb) This video shows what the basilar membrane travelling wave looks like for a mid-frequency sinusoid, then for a low-frequency sinusoid.

Click here to download the Powerpoint Viewer