Intelligent Transportation Laboratory

Application of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to Traffic and Emergency Surveillance: Demonstration and System Design

Sponsor: Michigan Department of Transportation
Period: November 2005 - August 2006
Project Team Members: Dr. Jun-Seok Oh, Dr. Kapseong Ro, and Dr. Liang Dong

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    To develop a cost-effective traffic and emergency surveillance system for rural area using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)

    Current Phase:

- To investigate applicability of UAV to traffic monitoring and emergency identification by examining regulatory barriers and safety concerns
- To demonstrate a UAV system with a single base station on I-94
- To analyze traffic data via aerial images
- To transfer technology to MDOT for field applications

    Future Plan:

- To provide a feasible low-cost solution for corridor traffic surveillance using UAVs
- To develop a reliable and cost-effective UAV system deployable in Michigan

- To design a communication network to patrol I-94 corridor in Michigan Southwest region with multiple UAVs and communication stations
- To develop a traffic data processing and storage system

Stage 1

Stage 2

    - Autonomous landing and catapult launching
    - Autonomous waypoint navigation
    - Video with geospatial data (3-axis Gimbal camera)

    - 72-inch wingspan
    - 7 mile range
    - 9000 ft altitude
    - 30 - 65 mph
    - 72 MHz uplink (Control), 2.4 GHz downlink (Video)

- Incident traffic monitoring in rural area
- Quick emergency verification and response
- Traffic density-based traffic monitoring

- Cost-effective traffic monitoring system
- Quick traffic management decision before serious congestion
- Save human lives by quick emergency resp


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