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Medieval Latin
The first criterion for determining the meaning of a medieval Latin word is the usage of the given writer, the usus scribendi. The question is not, "What does Lewis and Short say?" but rather, "How does Bernard use this word elsewhere in his work?" Authors may be influenced by the meanings of words as used by earlier authors, it is true. But the more time and distance between writers, the greater the possibility of lexical change. Dictionaries of historical languages give us examples of usage throughout the past, and this is a great service and a convenience. But such dictionaries should be used with caution. The student who has devoted years of study to the works of a given author or of a given school of thought will be in a far stronger position than the lexicographers to assess the meaning of that writer's vocabulary.

So why bother with the dictionaries? They bring together many instances of use conveniently, so that we can gain a sense of the range of meaning of words. We can see how other writers of a particular time and place used a certain word, and, perhaps, find senses helpful for understanding the author whose work we are reading. The following dictionaries have been produced by scholars of various nationalities over more than a century, and represent a good starting point for getting an idea of the range of meanings of medieval Latin words.

A word about nationality. It might occur to clever students that dictionaries prepared by Czech scholars will have less importance for grasping the meaning of a writer from twelfth-century Paris than ones prepared by French or English scholars. The still cleverer students will remember that Latin was an international medium, and that Latin correspondence and literature circulated throughout medieval Europe, subject to very different political, ecclesiastical, and other forces that hinder, permit, or promote communication among modern nations. So, Bartal's Glossarium may shed much light on Latin in use far beyond the borders of Hungary.

The dictionaries cited below are followed by call numbers in cases where the dictionary is available at WMU.

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PA2893.S8 W4

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