Week 1 - 01 Thursday

Prep for Tuesday Lecture
1)  follow General Course Info link on main course website
     - review info on that page
     - read syllabus (there's a link to it)
2)  buy your textbook
     - read chapter 1
     - read part of chapter 2sections:  2.1 to 2.5 to mid-page 62
3)  review 2 sets of slides below

LECTURE next week
- bring your laptop to lecture so you can follow along and run
    the examples I show and talk about in class

NOTE:  There were NO LABS this 1st 1/2 week

for LAB next week Tues/Wed/Thurs (Sept 4/5/6)
1)  in room C-224 (a computer lab)
2)  bring your laptop to this 1st lab (for installation of software)
     (labs are held in computer lab, so no need to bring your laptop in future)
3)  bring a thumb-drive
(.ppt versions can be downloaded then viewed in PowerPoint)
(.pdf versions can be viewed from within browser - they're "easyView" 6 slides per page)

Computers&Programming.ppt   (.pdf)

Java.ppt   (.pdf)