News You Could Use

*Who Really Pays For Health Care Might Surprise You

*The Myth of Self-Created Millionaires

*Who are Romney's 47% that don't pay tax?
* Nicholas Kristof on the 47%
* Charts: You Might Be the 47% if ...

*Open Letter to UC Davis Chancellor
*Pepper Spraying Students at UC Davis

*If Air Travel Worked Like Health Care
*Real Men Tax Gas
*Obama's School Speech
*Veterans of Future Wars
*The Original Mavericks
*Actions of a Pro-Life Administration
*A noted provocateur defends elitism
*Address by Salt Lake City Mayor Ross "Rocky" Anderson, 27 Oct 2007

*Step it Up: Young People and Climate Change
*15 Green Colleges and Universities
*Environmental News and Commentary
*Natural Resources Defense Council
*Mother Jones
*The Nation
*Center for Democracy and Technology

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