Melinda Koelling

Associate Professor
Western Michigan University
Department of Mathematics
Office: 5525 Everett Tower
E-mail: melinda 'dot' koelling 'at'
Phone: 269-387-4509

Courses in Fall 2014:

Calculus I for Science and Engineering, Honors Section

Mathematical Modelling


Analysis Seminar/Applied Math Seminar

Math Club

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Employment and Education

September 2012-present: Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics , Western Michigan University
August 2004-August 2012: Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics , Western Michigan University
September 2002-August 2004: Post-doctoral Trainee, Center for Neural Science , New York University
September 2001-August 2002: VIGRE Research Associate, Department of Mathematical Sciences , Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
September 1995-May 2001: Graduate Student, Department of Mathematics , University of Michigan
October 1991-June 1995: Undergraduate Student, University of Chicago

Teaching Experience

In the basic calculus sequence at Western Michigan University, I have taught Pre-Calculus, Calculus I for Science and Engineers, Calculus II, Calculus II for Science and Engineers, Multivariable Calculus and Matrix Algebra, and Differential Equations and Linear Algebra.

I have also taught the following classes that build upon the basic calculus sequence. In Vector Calculus and Complex Variables, the material from Multivariable Calculus and Matrix Algebra is further developed until students find themselves studying calculus with complex numbers. This beautiful subject is further developed in Complex Analysis. In Advanced Differential Equations, the material from Differential Equations and Linear Algebra is further developed until the students find themselves studying partial differential equations. In Mathematical Modeling, the tools of calculus are applied, often to an area of biological interest. In Advanced Calculus I and Advanced Calculus II, the definitions and theorems underlying calculus are explored.

From 2012-2014, I co-organized the TA Seminar with Ok-Kyeong Kim.

Research Experience

I study optimal control with the Neurobiology Engineering Laboratory at Western Michigan University, directed by Damon Miller.  I have studied nonlinear neural response with Duane Nykamp. I have also studied computational models of early stages of visual processing with Mike Shelley and Bob Shapley . I have also studied qualitative behavior of generalizations of the Toda Lattice with Tony Bloch and Michael Gekhtman .

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