Descendants of Arthur Rudge of Cirencester, co. Gloucester.

The following is a genealogy of a branch of the Rudge family associated with the Rudge family of Evesham, England, although the precise connection between the two is unclear. This information has been taken from the Herald's Visitation of London, 1687 (College of Arms, m.s. K.9, f. 10), and a few other sources as noted below.

First Generation

1. Arthur1 RUDGE. He married - POWELL. They had one child:

	2	i.	James2 (b ca 1602 d 1658)

Second Generation

2. James2 RUDGE (Arthur1). He was born ca. 1602. James died in 1658. He was a Citizen and Innholder of London, and Arthur's eldest son. On 28 Feb 1635 James married Christian SHARPE, daughter of Michael SHARPE, in London, Saint Benet Fink. They had the following children:

	3	i.	James3 (b ca 1637)
	4	ii.	John3 (d ca. 1680)
		iii.	Elizabeth3. She died young.
		iv.	Jane3. She died young.

Third Generation

3. James3 RUDGE (James2, Arthur1). He was born ca 1637 and is identified as a merchant of London. He married Martha HOBBY, daughter of John HOBBY. They had the following children:

		i.	James4. He was born ca. 1676.
		ii.	Mary4. She was born ca. 1677.
		iii.	Sarah4. She was born ca. 1683.
		iv.	John4. He was born ca. 1684.
	5	v.	Thomas4 (b ca. 1686 d. 1723) 

4. John3 RUDGE (James2, Arthur1). John died ca 1680. He was a parson at St. Mary Aldermary in London. John married Elizabeth STURMY. They had one child:

	6	i.	John4 (b ca. 1674)

Fourth Generation

5. Thomas4 RUDGE (James3, James2, Arthur1). Born ca 1686. Thomas died in Bromley, co. Middlesex in 1723. On 25 Aug 1692 [?], he married Mary ROGERS, daughter of Nehemiah ROGERS & Mary PORTER, in St. Mary Magdalene, Old Fish St. London (Record of marriage from index of records at LDS, Batch: M054852 Sheet: 2921). Mary died in 1752. They had one child:

	7	i.	Mary5  (d. 1741)

6. John4 RUDGE (John3, James2, Arthur1). He was born ca 1674 and christened on 29 Sep 1674 at the parish of St. Mary Aldermary in London. [A record of his christening is listed on an index of London LDS records (Batch P001311 Sheet 2571)]. He was a "scholar at Westminster".

Fifth Generation

7. Mary5 RUDGE (Thomas4, James3, James2, Arthur1). She died ca. 1741. On 1 Dec 1715 Mary married Sir Edward DUKE, in Kensington, Middlesex Co. He was born ca 1690 and died on 25 Aug 1732. They had no surviving issue.

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