This is a genealogy of a Breedlove family that lived in Essex County, King William County and Henrico County, VA.

Descendants of Charles Breedlove of Essex County, VA

"Breedlove family lived in King & Queen Co. VA related to President Madison. Mary O. Breedlove married John B. Williamson (Scotch) Lived in Hanover County, VA. Lucy Williamson, daughter, married John Bath (English) Lived in Richmond (War of 1812) (1) Sophia Bath married Archie Pae (Scotch) (2) Jane Bath married William Cook. Lived in Rich. VA." (A set of notes found among Louisa Rudge Coble Bareford's papers.)

"I am working on papers for the D.A.R. on my motherÕs side, but it takes time. I have gone back to the fourth generation. Your great, great, great grandmother Lucy Williamson was first cousin to James Madison who was the first Bishop of Virginia and he was brother to Pres. Madison or cousin, IÕm not sure. " (letter from Lelia nee Houston Brett to Frances nee Kenney King 21 Jan 1957)

Breedlove is a very commmon name. Most of the information below has been taken from the following site created by Joni Lyn Harris Breedlove. Please direct more general questions about the Breedlove family to her. My research is focused on just two questions: (1) identifying the parents of my ancestor, Mary Oglevy nee Breedlove Williamson, and (2) identifying whether there is a connection between the Breedlove and Madison families.

First Generation

1. Charles1 Breedlove. He was born ca. 1688 in Essex Co. VA. He died on 27 Feb 1754 in Essex Co., VA.

Charles married Mary PARR daughter of Phillip PARR & Judith Allaman, in VA. She was born in 1695 in VA. She died in 1763 in Essex Co. VA.

Charles BREEDLOVE had a will (Essex County Wills and Administrations (1692-1800), Wills No. 11, 1757-1762 (Reel 46), p. 55-56. Adms. bond rec. 21 Feb. 1758, p. 98. Inv. & appr. rec. 18 Apr. 1758.)

Charles BREEDLOVE and Mary PARR had the following children:

		i.	Daughter2 BREEDLOVE (married - MANN)
	2	ii.	Nathan2 BREEDLOVE (1716 1745)
	3	iii.	Alleman2 BREEDLOVE (1717 1775)
	4	iv.	Phillip2 BREEDLOVE (b 1720)
	5	v.	James2 BREEDLOVE (1721 1767)
	6	vi.	Kindness2 BREEDLOVE (b. 1726)
	7	vii.	Charles2 BREEDLOVE (1737 1820)
	8	viii.	Thomas2 BREEDLOVE (1738 1785)
	9	ix.	Robert2 BREEDLOVE (1738 1792)
	10	x.	Mary2 BREEDLOVE (b. 1740)

Second Generation

2. Nathan2 BREEDLOVE (Charles1). He was born ca. 1716 in Virginia. He died ca. 1745 in King William Co., VA. He married Mary TRIBBLE ca. 1737 in Virginia. She was born ca. 1717 and died in North Carolina.

3. Alleman2 BREEDLOVE (Charles1). He was born ca. 1717 in Virginia. He died before 17 Jul 1775 in Essex Co., VA. He married Susannah BRAXTON ca. 1740 in Virginia. She was born ca. 1720 in VA and died in after Apr 1780 in Essex Co. VA.

Alleman BREEDLOVE had a will (Essex County Wills and Administrations (1692-1800), Wills No. 13, 1775-1785 (Reel 48), p. 15-16. Will pro. 17 July 1775, p. 275. Inv. & appr. rec. 20 Apr. 1780.)

Alleman BREEDLOVE and Susannah BRAXTON had the following children, all of whom were born in VA:

		i.	Alleman3 BREEDLOVE (b 1741)
	11	ii.	William3 BREEDLOVE (1743 1803)
		iii.	Braxton3 BREEDLOVE (b 1748)

4. Phillip2 BREEDLOVE (Charles1). He was born ca. 1720 in Virginia. He married Sarah GORE, daughter of John GORE. She was born ca. 1722 in VA.

Phillip BREEDLOVE and Sarah GORE had at least one child, who was born in VA:

		i.	Mary3 BREEDLOVE (b 1745)

5. James2 BREEDLOVE (Charles1). He was born ca. 1721 in Virginia and died before 16 Mar 1767 in Lunneberg Co. VA. He married Lucrecy -. She was born ca. 1720 in VA and died before 20 Jan 1772 in Essex Co. VA.

Lucrecy nee - BREEDLOVE had a will (Essex County Wills and Administrations (1692-1800), Wills No. 12, 1762-1775 (Reel 47) p. 444-445. Inv. & appr. rec. 17 Feb. 1772. p. 551-552. Accounts rec. 19 July 1773.)

James BREEDLOVE and Lucrecy - had the following children:

		i.	Judith3 BREEDLOVE (b 1736)
		ii.	Benjamin Watkins3 BREEDLOVE (1741 1793)
		iii.	Nathaniel3 BREEDLOVE (b. 1745)
		iv.	John3 BREEDLOVE (1745 1799)
		v.	James3 BREEDLOVE (1748 1795)
		vi.	Elizabeth "Betsy"3 BREEDLOVE (b. 1750)
		vii.	Ann3 BREEDLOVE (d. 1763)
		viii.	Isabel3 BREEDLOVE
		ix.	Robert3 BREEDLOVE (d. 1792)
		x.	Thomas3 BREEDLOVE

6. Kindness2 BREEDLOVE (Charles1). She was born ca. 1726 in Virginia. She married William TRIBBLE. He was born ca. 1706 in Essex Co. VA and died before 15 Jul 1746 in Essex Co. VA.

Kindness BREEDLOVE and William TRIBBLE had the following children:

		i.	William3 TRIBBLE
		ii.	Mary3 TRIBBLE (d. before 17 Mar 1765)

7. Charles2 BREEDLOVE (Charles1). He was born ca. 1737 in Virginia and died before Feb 1820 in Lawrence Co. AL. He married Sally FLETCHER on 14 Nov 1774 at Old Rappahannock, Essex Co. VA. She was born ca. 1754 in Essex Co. VA.

Charles BREEDLOVE and Sally FLETCHER had the following children:

		i.	Catherine3 BREEDLOVE
		ii.	Simpson3 BREEDLOVE
		iii.	Sarah "Sally"3 BREEDLOVE
		iv.	Spencer3 BREEDLOVE
		v.	William3 BREEDLOVE
		vi.	James R.3 BREEDLOVE
		vii.	Mary "Polly"3 BREEDLOVE
		viii.	Nancy3 BREEDLOVE
		ix.	Martha "Patsey"3 BREEDLOVE

8. Thomas2 BREEDLOVE (Charles1). He was born ca. 1738 in Virginia and died in 1785 in Spotsylvania, VA. He married Sarah BROADUS in 1750 in Essex Co. VA. She was born ca. 1732 in VA and died after 1785 in Albermarle Co. VA.

Thomas BREEDLOVE and Sarah BROADUS had the following children:

		i.	R.W.S. John3 BREEDLOVE
		ii.	Thomas3 BREEDLOVE
		iii.	Charles3 BREEDLOVE
		iv.	R.W.S. William3 BREEDLOVE
		v.	R.W.S. Benjamin3 BREEDLOVE
		vi.	Phillip B.3 BREEDLOVE
		vii.	Madison3 BREEDLOVE
		viii.	Cornelius3 BREEDLOVE
		ix.	Richard3 BREEDLOVE
		x.	Martin3 BREEDLOVE
		xi.	Rachel3 BREEDLOVE
		xii.	Kindness3 BREEDLOVE

9. Robert2 BREEDLOVE (Charles1). He was born ca. 1738 in Virginia and died before 6 Feb 1792 in Charlotte Co. VA.

Robert BREEDLOVE had a will (Charlotte County Wills and Administrations (1765 - 1800), Will Book No. 2, 1791-1805 (Reel 16) p. 21a-22. Will pro. 6 Feb. 1792. p. 44a-45a. Inv. & Appr. rec. 3 Feb. 1794.)

10. Mary2 BREEDLOVE (Charles1). She was born ca. 1740 in Essex Co. Virginia. She married Peter TRIBBLE. He was born ca. 1775 in VA.

Third Generation

11. William3 BREEDLOVE (Alleman2, Charles1). He was born ca. 1743 in Virginia. He died before 24 Jan 1803 in St. David's Parish, King William Co., VA.

William married - MADISON ca. 1770 in Virginia. She was alive at the time of the writing of her husband's will on 21 Sep 1801.

CONNECTION TO THE MADISON FAMILY: I conjecture that William's wife's maiden name was Madison on the basis of the note written by Louisa Rudge Coble Bareford (top of this page), many of the details of which have proven to be accurate as documented by several records, the transcripts of which are found on this site. The fact William named his only son "Madison" is also suggestive, as representing a maiden name on his wife's side. President James Madison's family lived in King and Queen Co. VA and King William Co. VA. Our best clue yet is a lawsuit (transcribed below) that refers to members of both the Madison and Breedlove families. Unfortunately neither the connection to our Breedlove family nor President James's Madison's family is obvious.

LAWSUIT: "July Court MDCCXCV [1795]. Whereas in a suit in Chancery lately depending in the County Court of King William there was a Decree made in the cause in . . . at a Court cont'd & held for King Wm. County the 30th day of May 1792. Elizabeth Breedlove an infant under the age of twenty one years by Wm. Waide her Guard'n & next friend (plt) against Mary Seay, Henry Madison, Marinnia Breedlove, Wm. Breedlove, John Breedlove, Lucy Leigh, & Mildred Madison (deft). This cause having abated as to Mary Seay, Henry Madison, & . . . Breedlove by their deaths & now coming on to be heard on the . . . examination of witnesses and other exhibits, as well as the arguments of . . . on both sides and the heard and considered, the Court is of opinion . . . decreed and ordered accordingly that the Complainant ought to be . . . in her title to the Land in the Bill mentioned as the said Mary . . . by declared before & after the execution of the Deed in the Bill mentioned . . . to give the same to Clifford Breedlove the father of the Complainant . . . the execution thereof that she had given the same to him and . . . to the Court that the said Deed was fraudulently destroyed by . . . decreed that the person now holding the said land under Henry . . . of the Defendants in this cause who hath departed this life since his answer therein, shall release all right and title to the . . . to him or her under the said Henry Madison to the said . . . unless upon having notice of this Decree he or she shall . . . to the contrary and the Court is further of Opinion and it is . . . accordingly that the Complainant be confirmed in her title . . . Deed of Trust in the Bill mentioned . . . the increase . . . since the . . . of this . . . of the said slaves pending this suit and deed so possessed and that they . . . in possession of the Defendants or some of them. It is further decreed and ordered that such of the Defts as are possessed of the said slaves or any of them do deliver them to the Complainant by her Guardian and next friend & that they do settle an account of the profits of all such slaves before James Hill, James Quarles, Isaac Quarles and Thomas Butler Junr. or any three of them allowing a compensation of said young or disabled slaves . . . The Complainant Elizabeth Breedlove intermarried with one James . . . who was thereupon made a party in the said suit . . . held for the said County of King William in August 1794 . . ." (VA, King William Co., Records Book 3 (1793-1800) pp. 144-145)

WILL: "In the name of God amen. I William Breedlove of the County . . . and parish of St. David, being of sound and disposing mind & memory do make . . . last Will and Testament as follows. After my just debts and funeral expenses . . . my beloved wife during her natural life my land and plantation . . . her decease it is my desire that the same be sold to my executors hereafter . . . the money arising from the sale thereof be equally divided & advanc'd my . . . Davis, Ann Williamson, Mary Oglevy Williamson, and Elizabeth Mann . . . upon condition that each of them or their husbands on their behalf give bond and security . . . I give the same to the children of my four daughters Lucy, Ann, Mary Oglivy, and Elizabeth to be equally divided among them, that is to say one fourth part to the children of each daughter, the remaining fourth fifths . . . unto my four daughters . . . and in case my daughter Elizabeth should die without an heir . . . Having heretofore advanced my son Madison what I consider an equal proportion of my estate with my other children it is not my intention to give him anything more. Lastly, I appoint Joseph Mann and George Williamson of Henrico . . . Executors of this my last Will & Testament. In witness whereof I have her unto set my hand and seal this 21st day of September 1801. Signed, sealed, and acknowledged by the a'd William Breedlove to be his last Will & Testament in presence of Samuel Batchelder, Wm. W. Batchelder, Herbert H. Hughes, W. Breedlove. At Court . . . for King William County at the Courthouse on Monday the 24th day of January 1803. This last Will and Testament of William Breedlove dec'd was proved by the oaths of William W. Batchelder and Samuel Batchelder two of the witnesses subscribed her to and ordered to be recorded. And on the motion of Joseph Mann, one of the Executors therein named, who made oath thereto and together with Robert Pollard and Thomas Bostur [?] his securities entered into and acknowledged their Bond in the penalty of $10,000 conditioned as law directs certificate is granted him for obtaining a probat in due form. Teste Robert Pollard CC." (VA, King William Co., Records Book 4 (1800-1805), pp. 150-151. [Note the above will unrecorded in Will Book.]

Newspaper article:"LOST, Some time in the latter end of the last year, FOUR BONDS, GIVEN by George Williamson, jr. to the executor of William Breedlove, dec. with William Deshazer security, which said bonds are dated September the 16th, 1803, and fall due on the first day of January, 1805, in the penalty of L48 1s. 11.2d. Any person having the said bonds in their possession, by delivering them to me, in King & Queen county shall be handsomely rewarded.I likewise forewarn all persons from taking an assignment of the said bonds, and the said George Wiliamson, jr. is hereby forbid to pay the said bonds to any person or persons except the subscriber. JOSEPH MANN, Executor of William Breedlove, dec. April 1804" (2 Jun 1804 Virginia Argus p. 4)

William BREEDLOVE and - MADISON had the following children, all of whom were presumably born in VA:

		12	i.	Lucy4 BREEDLOVE
		13	ii.	Ann4 BREEDLOVE
		14	iii.	Mary Oglevy4 BREEDLOVE 
		15	iv.	Elizabeth4 BREEDLOVE
		16	v.	Madison4 BREEDLOVE

Fourth Generation

12. Lucy4 BREEDLOVE (William3, Alleman2, Charles1). According to her father's will (above), she married - DAVIS.

13. Ann4 BREEDLOVE (William3, Alleman2, Charles1). According to her father's will (above), she married George WILLIAMSON.

14. Mary Oglevy4 BREEDLOVE (William3, Alleman2, Charles1). She married John B. WILLIAMSON ca. 1790, presumably in VA. It is tempting to think he may be a brother of the George WILLIAMSON mentioned in the entry for her sister above. Information about her husband and their descendants is located here.

15. Elizabeth4 BREEDLOVE (William3, Alleman2, Charles1). She married Joseph MANN, son of Robert MANN.

16. Madison4 BREEDLOVE (William3, Alleman2, Charles1).

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