Photographs from the Coble Photo Album

The Coble Photo Album is a collection of old photographs at least one of which believed to date from 1860, and others which have dates in the 1870s. At least one of the photos contained within it was given to Sophia nee Bath Pae. I believe the album was once owned by Caroline Virginia nee Rudge Coble (Mama Coble); from her it passed to her son Emmett Rudge Coble; from him it passed to his daughter, Mary Kathryn nee Coble Niven; from her it passed it to her son, David Brad Niven; from him it to his third cousin, David Wyss Rudge, who has identified some of the photos on the basis of a discussion about the contents of the album he had with Mary Kathryn Niven.

While only a couple of the photos specifically identify who is portrayed, most have an indication on the back of where the photo was taken. Most were taken from Richmond, VA and Wilmington, NC. Only three of the pages of the album itself are written on. One reproduces something written on the back of a photo "To Aunt Sophia, from her devoted neice Addie M. Cook"; another states "Mrs. Rudge" and still another, "Jane Cook". Unfortunately the photos were taken in and out of the various pages over the years, and as such, it is unclear whether the photo referred to still remains in the album, let alone which photo is being referred to. The very last photo is a reproduction of a photo that presumably originally appeared in the album.

The photos have been scanned for consultation by descendants. The first page link below presents the photos in their original arrangment, indicating what I know about each photo considered separately. The second page link groups photos by type and location, and includes some speculation regarding the identities of people represented in the tintype photos.

Original arrangement

Reorganized by Type and Location

Last updated on 6 Oct 2009