This is a genealogy of a Finder family that migrated from Arnswalde, Pomerania to Lake Mills, Jefferson Co. WI.

Descendants of Johann Friedrich Finder of Arnswalde, Pomerania

"My daughter Constance and her husband were in Europe in October and enjoyed it very much. She went last year too. They rent a car for the duration of their stay and travel by themselves to places where some of the tourist groups do not go. She traveled to Billebache to find out about our great grandfather [Johann Friedrich Breitkreutz] but the town had no Protestants (all Catholics) so that wasn't us. The Burgermeister was very nice and said there were four other Billebaches, all little villages, so when she went this year she went to these villages. The people were very nice but so many of the church records were destroyed during the war so she was out of luck. Constance has a reason for thinking it was near Hanover. Anyway there goes our family tree. Our grandfather [Christian Friedrich Wilhelm Breitkreutz] had money inherited from his mother. He brought Uncle Hennigs, Uncle Blumberg and Mike Finders also our great grandmother Finder [Maria ? Finder] to America. He paid their expenses and a winter in Watertown before migrating to Lake Mills, north (of lake) end. The log cabin that the Stelses lived in was built by Grandpa B. Finders went on to Nebraska later on I understand. This about all I really know and it was told to me by our grandfather when he was living with us one year. Love Irma." [Letter written by Irma Breitkreutz Weirick to her first cousin, Laura Adell Breitkreutz Cook.]

My information from this family comes from the LDS Family Search Ancestral File, which identifies Barbara C. Clausen of Salinas CA as the submitter (LDS microfilm 1394270, Submission AF83-061768). The site indicates her address is out of date. The LDS IGI index provides some confirmation of the basic details she has sketched out. The note above, which identifies Johanna Caroline nee Finder Breitkreutz as having a relative named Michael and a mother named Maria accords with the information Ms. Clausen provides for her Michael Finder, also of Lake Mills. As such, I have tentatively concluded that he represents Johanna Caroline nee Finder Breitkreutz's brother.

First Generation

1. Johann Friedrich1 FINDER. He was born ca. 1806 in Arnswalde, Brndnb, Prussia. He married Maria GORKA ca. 1823. She was born ca. 1810 in Arnswalde, Brndnb, Prussia.

According to the Lake Mills Spike, 13 Oct 1879, there were four Finders listed as Electors of the First Election District of the Town of Lake Mills: "Chas., M., Fred, and Aug." I suspect "Chas." and "M." are references to two of their children, Karl and Michael. It is tempting to speculate that the other Finders listed are also related, although I note Fred Finder (in attendance at Johanna Caroline's wedding anniversary below) is not specifically identified as a relative.

Johann Friedrich FINDER and Maria GORKA had at least the following children:

	2	i.	Johanna Caroline2 FINDER (1823-1907)
	3	ii.	Karl2 FINDER
	4	iii.	Michael2 FINDER (1832-1910)
		iv.	daughter (Christine FINDER who married Carl Friedrich BLUMBERG?) 

Second Generation

2. Johanna Caroline2 FINDER (Johann Friedrich1). She was born on 1 Feb 1823 in Augustwald, Pomerania, Germany. She died of multiple sarcoma on 24 Jul 1907 in Lake Mills, Jefferson Co. WI and was buried on 25 Jul 1907 in the Rock Lake Cemetery, Lake Mills, Jefferson Co. WI. She was a member of the Moravian Church, Lake Mills.

She married Christian Friedrich Wilhelm BREITKREUTZ, son of Johan Friedrich BREITKREUTZ & Regina KREKLOW, on 5 Jun 1848 in Augustwald, Pomerania, Germany. Here's a photograph of Johanna and her husband. Information about her husband's ancestry and her descendants is located here.

Johanna Carolina and her family migrated from Germany using money from her mother-in-law's estate on Sept 29, 1858. They is listed as arriving on 4 Jan 1859 through the port of NY, age 31, both parents are listed as born in Germany; With her husband are listed his wife(?) Jane (33) and children Henry(9), William (7) and Harman (2). Also listed is a Sophia Finder(62 yrs old). The ship is called the Aristedes and left from Bremerhaven. (From German Immigrants, pp. 350-1).

FIFTIETH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY: "Married Fifty Years. The celebration of the golden wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Breitkreutz took place at their residence in this village on Sunday last at 2:30 p. m., attended by children, grandchildren and near friends. The relatives present were the three sons, Henry, William and Herman, and their families, and the only daughter, Mrs. G. Helpap and Mr. Helpap, a sister and Mr. Carl Finder, a brother of Mrs. Breitkreutz, and Mrs. Finder, Mr. and Mrs. August Henning, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Blumberg, Mr. and Mrs. Kuhl and daughter Elmira and sixteen grandchildren. Mr. Fred Finder and Mr. Ernest Wolf were also guests. Rev. Wm. Strohmeier delivered an appropriate and touching address, and Rev. Theo. Sonderman distributed the gifts, among which were a gold-headed ebony cane, a present to Mr. Breitkreutz, and an umbrella with gold-mounted hand piece and a pair of gold spectacles, a gift to Mrs. Breitkreutz. The celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the marriage of these elderly people was planned by their children, and at an appointed hour the party came upon Mr. and Mrs. Breitkreutz in the quiet of their home as unexpectedly as roses in the summertime, a perfect surprise, which, however, proved to be a most happy one, filling their hearts with gladness. At five o'clock p. m. supper was served and the happy guests vied with each other in filling the hour with as much joy as possible to those who had reached their fiftieth mile-stone in their journey of life together and were now permitted to look into the faces and hear the happy voices of so many of their children and grandchildren, while they themselves still enjoy a goodly measure of health and strength of body and mind. The hours were made happy by reminiscences of the fifty years passed until the hour of 9 p. m., when the guests took their departure, gladdened with the thought that they had been instrumental in adding to the joys of two honest devoted hearts." (Lake Mills Spike 9 Jun 1898). Here's a photograph of the whole family taken at this celebration.

OBITUARY - "Obituary. Died at her home in the city of Lake Mills, Wednesday at 5:30 p. m., July 24, 1907, Mrs. William Breitkreutz, at the advanced age of 84 years, 5 months and 23 days. Miss Hannah Caroline Finder was born February 1, 1823 in Augustwald in Germany and was married June 5, 1848, to William Breitkreutz at her home in Germany. Mr. and Mrs. Breitkreutz set out for America September 29, 1858 and landed in New York January 4, 1859 and proceeded at once to the west and settled in the town of Lake Mills and engaged in agriculture until 13 years ago when they retired from hard labor, built a home in the village where they continued to live until the day of her death. Their married life was blessed with four children, three sons and one daughter, Mrs. G. A. Helpap, Wm. Jr., Henry and Herman Breitkreutz- all of whom survive their mother. The deceased had suffered over two years, passed through three surgical operations each giving temporary, but no permanent relief. Hers was a case of sarcoma from which she did not suffer very much pain until the last few weeks of her life. She was patient and uncomplaining, bearing her distresses with fortitude. She leaves behind to mourn her departure, her husband, 4 children, 17 grandchildren, 5 great grand children, 2 brothers and 2 sisters. The funeral services were held Sunday last with brief services at the house, followed by burial in the Rock Lake cemetery after which, according to the custom of the Moravian church, of which she was for many years a consistent and faithful member, full service was held in the church, Rev. O. E. Reidenbach, pastor of the church officiating, and was attended by a large number of people who held the deceased in high regard and felt keen sympathy for the bereaved." (Lake Mills Leader 1 Aug 1907, p. 1).

OBITUARY: "Death of William Breitkreutz. William Breitkreutz died Tuesday morning at the home of his granddaughter, Mrs. Ora Farmer, at the ripe age of 88 years. The funeral services will be held today (Thursday) at one o'clock at the house. An appropriate obituary will appear in next week's paper." (Lake Mills Leader 18 Nov 1915, p. 1); "Obituary. William Breitkreutz was born Sept. 2, 1827, in Billerbeck, Pomerania, Germany. He was married to Miss Johanna Caroline Finder on June 5, 1848. In 1859 he brought his family to this country. They set out from Germany Sept. 29, 1858, and did not arrive at New York till Jan. 4, of the following year. After spending a month at Watertown, Wis., they finally settled near Lake Mills. Four children were given to them, three sons and one daughter. One son, William Jr., passed away April 28, 1915. Since 1894 till their death they have lived in this city in retirement. Mrs. Breitkreutz died July 24, 1907 after a lingering illness. Her husband departed this life suddenly Tuesday morning, Nov. 16, about 10 o'clock. While out in the yard he fell and was assisted into the house and put on a chair where he expired almost immediately. He is survived by two sons, Herman of this city and Henry of Shopiere, and one daughter, Mrs. G. Helpap of Rice Lake, Wis., 17 grandchildren. His age was 88 years, 2 months and 14 days. Funeral services conducted by Rev. O. E. Reidenbach, were held on Thursday afternoon, Nov. 18, at one o'clock at the home of his son, Herman, and in the Moravian church, where he had been a faithful member for more than twenty-eight years. Interment took place in Rock Lake cemetery. The following named relatives from out of town were present at the funeral: Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Breitkreutz, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Meyers and Mr. and Mrs. Bernhard Breitkreutz of Shopiere, Mr. and Mrs. William Breitkreutz of Sharon, and Mrs. Gustav Helpap of Rice Lake." (Lake Mills Leader 25 Nov 1915, no. 2, p. 1) 2nd obituary: "Died at the home of his granddaughter, Mrs. Ora Farmer, on Tuesday morning, Nov. 16, Mr. William Breitkreutz, aged 88 years. The funeral was held at the home on Thursday afternoon, followed by the church service. Rev. O. E. Reidenbach officiated. Mr. Breitkreutz was a man highly respected by all who knew him. Mr. Henry Breitkreutz of Shopiere and Mrs. G. Helpap of Rice Lake were called here by the death of their father, Wm. Breitkreutz" (Jefferson Banner 24 Nov 1915)

3. Karl2 FINDER (Johann Friedrich1). He is identified in the newspaper article of the wedding aniversary of his sister as her brother. Beyond knowing he was alive and married in 1898, I know nothing about him.

4. Michael2 FINDER (Johann Friedrich1). He was born on 8 Oct 1832, in Arnswalde, Brndnb, Prussia. He died on 10 Mar 1910, in Hayestown, Sherman, NE and is presumably buried there. (A record of his birth to "Johann Friedrich Finder and Maria Gorka on 8 Oct 1832 in Arnswalde, Brndnb., Preussen appears on LDS film no. 454999, page 2, reference no. 87163.)

Michael married Wilhelmina GRUETZMACHER, daughter of Christian Friedrich GRUETZMACHER and Augusta Johanne Justine GOTTSCHALK in 1864 at Lake Mills, Jefferson Co. WI.

Michael FINDER and Wilhelmina GRUETZMACHER had the following children:

	5	i.	Rudoph Emil3 FINDER (1865-1895)
	6	ii.	Ida Mary3 FINDER (1866-1961)
	7	iii.	Louise Wilhelmina3 FINDER (1868-1948)
	8	iv.	Paul Edward3 FINDER (1871-1958)
	9	v.	Johannes Friedrich Wilhelm3 FINDER (1871-1899)
	10	vi.	Bernard Edward3 FINDER (1889-1979)

Third Generation

5. Rudoph Emil3 FINDER (Michael2, Johann Friedrich1). He was born on 28 Jun 1865, in Lake Mills, Jefferson County, WI. He died on 23 Mar 1944, in Ravenna, Buffalo Co. NE and is presumably buried there. (A record of his birth appears on LDS film no. 537342.)

Rudoph Emil married Mary Johanna GERNER, on 30 Dec 1886 at Waterloo, Jefferson Co. WI. She was born on 6 Feb 1867 at Waterloo, Jefferson Co. WI and died on 9 Jun 1950 at St. Joseph, Buchanan Co. MO. She is buried at Revenna, Buffalo Co. NE.

Rudolf Emil FINDER and Mary Johanna GERNER had the following children. (Albert was born in Waterloo, Jefferson Co. WI, the rest were all born in Hayestown, Sherman Co. NE.)

					i.	Arthur Albert4 FINDER (1887-1964)
					ii.	Clara Louise4 FINDER (1890-1974)
					iii.	Walter Henry4 FINDER (b. 1892)
					iv.	Leonard Edward4 FINDER (1894-1962)

6. Ida Mary3 FINDER (Michael2, Johann Friedrich1). She was born on 5 Oct 1866, in Lake Mills, Jefferson County, WI. She died on 15 Feb 1961. She married Lewis LEHMAN on 20 Sep 1897. He was born in 1862 in Lake Mills, Jefferson Co. WI.

7. Louisa Wilhelmina3 FINDER (Michael2, Johann Friedrich1). She was born on 28 Jan 1868, in Lake Mills, Jefferson County, WI. She died on 7 Aug 1948. She married Ernest FAWCETT on 20 Jul 1899 in Hayestown, Sherman Co. NE.

8. Paul Edward3 FINDER (Michael2, Johann Friedrich1). He was born on 17 Mar 1871, in Lake Mills, Jefferson County, WI. He died on 18 Feb 1958. (A record of this birth is located on the LDS film no. 537342.) He married Emma JUNG on 14 Sep 1916.

9. Johannes Friedrich Wilhelm3 FINDER (Michael2, Johann Friedrich1). He was born on 31 Dec 1871, in Lake Mills, Jefferson County, WI. He died on 28 Jan 1899. (A record of this birth is located on the LDS film no. 537342.)

10. Bernard Edward3 FINDER (Michael2, Johann Friedrich1). He was born on 23 Sep 1889, in Hayestown, Sherman County, NE. He died on 5 Mar 1979. He married Olga Emilie ZELLER on 31 Dec 1912 in Grand Island, Hall Co. NE. She was born in 1893 at Hayestown, Sherman County, NE.

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