Descendants of Ziba Gibson

of Scotland and Virginia

This is a site devoted to a single branch of the GIBSON family. Jim's Genealogy Junk is a more general site devoted to the origins and family history of the Gibson family. Additional information about the descendants of Thomas GIBSON and Agnes nee WILLIAMS is located at the following website maintained by Dianne Duncan:

[Disclaimer: The information below has been supplied to me by Anne G. Tindall [] who has been researching the ADAMS and GIBSON families for some time. Most of it has been taken from two secondary sources: Farmer, Franklin "Known Descendants of Ziba Gibson as of 5/17/1993" and Hamer, Blanche Gibson (1950) "Genealogical Record of Thomas Gibson--and Interrelated Families."]

First Generation

1. Ziba1 GIBSON. He was born abt. 1710, probably in Scotland and died ca. 1740-50 in Virginia. Sometime ca. 1730 Ziba married Mary Bennett, daughter of Frances Silvester Bennett. (Her maiden name may have been Benton).They had at least the following children:

	2	i.	Thomas2
	3	ii.	Nelson2
		iii.	Mary2. She married William SMITH.

Second Generation

2. Thomas2 GIBSON (Ziba1). He was born ca. 1735, probably in Scotland but perhaps VA. He died ca. 1804 in Richmond Co. NC. Thomas served as a Sergeant during the Revolutionary War for NC in 1782. He married Agnes Williams ca. 1756. She was born ca. 1738 and died ca. 1804 in Richmond Co. NC. They had several children:

		i. 	Elijah3
		ii.	James3
		iii. 	Thomas jr.3
		iv.	Frances3
		v.	Elisha W.3
		vi.	Stafford3
		vii.	Nelson3
		viii.	Agnes3
		ix.	Mary3
		x.	Sarah3
		xi.	Nancy3
		xii	John3
		xiii.	Nathaniel3
Extensive information on the descendants of these children is available in Blanche Hammer's and Franklin Farmer's works noted above.

3. Nelson2 GIBSON I. (Ziba1). He was born ca. 1745, probably in Scotland but perhaps VA. He died on 8 Jul 1823 in Richmond Co. NC. He married Sarah WILLIAMS, the daughter of John Williams, ca. 1771. She was born ca. 1750 and died ca. 1818.

"Last Will of Nelson Gibson, was probated in Richmond County, in July 1823; recorded in Will Book No. 1-P, 238. Devisees: William, Nelson, Nathan, Luke, Samuel, Sarah (Sally), Nancy, Agnes. Executors: William and Nelson Gibson- his sons." Research done by Mrs. Patterson, a genealogist in Raleigh, NC into the court records of Richmond Co. from its formation up to 1804 and reprinted in Genealogical Record of Thomas Gibson and Interrelated families compiled by Blanche Gibson Hamer 1950, pp. 4-36." A transcript of his complete will appears here.

Nelson Gibons I and Sarah Williams had the following children:

	4	i.	William R.3
	5	ii.	Nelson3
		iii.	Nathan3 He was born abt. 1777 and died in Richmond Co. NC.
	6	iv.	Luke3
	7	v.	Samuel3
	8	vi.	Sarah3
	9	vii.	Agnes3
	10	viii.	Nancy3

Third Generation

4. William R.3 GIBSON (Nelson2, Ziba1). He was born abt 1772 and died before 1848. He married Sarah Smith.

5. Nelson3 GIBSON II. (Nelson2, Ziba1). He was born ca. 1774 in Anson Co. NC and died in 1842 in Richmond Co. NC. His will probated Richmond Co. NC 1842 names William, Mary, Jane, Elizabeth, Sarah, Nancy, Rachel, Rainey, Samuel J. and Thomas. A transcript of his will appears here.

Nelson married Rutha DAWKINS, daughter of Samuel Dawkins Sr. She was born ca. 1778 and died in 1852. They had the following children:

		  i.	Mary4 She married -- BULLARD.
		 ii.	Jane4 She married -- BRAZZELL.
	11	iii.	Elizabeth4
		 iv.	Sarah4 She married Eli TERRY in 1823.
		  v.	Nancy4
		 vi.	Rainy4 She married -- HALL.
		vii.	William D.4 He was born ca. 1796 and married Charlotte DAWKINS.
	12	viii.	Samuel J.4
	13	  ix.	Thomas Nelson4 (1804-1879)
		  x.	Rachel4 She was born on 8 Oct 1810 and married Champ Jernigan TERRY 
on 24 Aug 1828.

6. Luke3 GIBSON (Nelson2, Ziba1). He was born ca. 1778 and died before Aug 1854. He married first -- PITTMAN. He married second Eliza Jane TERRY He had several children by one or both wives. Extensive information on the descendants of these children is available in Blanche Hammer's and Franklin Farmer's works noted above.

7. Samuel3 GIBSON (Nelson2, Ziba1). He was born ca. 1781 in Richmond Co. NC and died in 1864. On 6 May 1816, he married Nancy R. TERRY in Richmond Co. NC.

8. Sarah3 GIBSON (Nelson2, Ziba1). She was born ca. 1783. On 25 Feb 1800, she married Walner CHANCE in Richmond Co. NC.

9. Agnes3 GIBSON (Nelson2, Ziba1). She was ca. 1789 in Richmond Co. NC. She died in California, Cole Co. MO in 1869. She married John Bennett McKENZIE in Buncombe, NC. He was born ca. 1779 in Scotland.

10. Nancy3 GIBSON (Nelson2, Ziba1). She was ca. 1790. She first married John TERRY; she second married Elijah GIBSON; she third married Elisha W. GIBSON. The latter two were both sons of Thomas GIBSON Sr. (#2 above).

Fourth Generation

11. Elizabeth4 GIBSON (Nelson3, Nelson2, Ziba1). She died in Marlboro, SC before 1850. In 1825 Elizabeth married William ADAMS I, son of William (Jonathan) ADAMS & Obedience (Mary) ROBESON, in Robinson Co., North Carolina. Record of marriage freom reference to LDS submitted record (batch F504551 sheet 35, source 1553273) Information about her husband's parentage and the descendants of this marriage is located here (Elizabeth was his third wife).

12. Samuel J.4 GIBSON (Nelson3, Nelson2, Ziba1). He was born in 1802 and died in 1877. He first married Mary PIPKIN; he second married Elizabeth Ann McLAURIN.

13. Thomas Nelson4 GIBSON (Nelson3, Nelson2, Ziba1). He was born on 24 Nov 1804 in Richmond Co. NC and died in Gibson, Richmond Co. NC on 13 Jan 1879. He was buried in the Gibson Family Cemetery, Gibson, Scotland Co. NC.

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