The Rudge Coat of Arms

There are two coats of arms associated with the Rudge family. The first is associated with the Evesham branch of the Rudge family; the second is associated with the Gloucester branch of the Rudge family, whose connection to the Evesham branch is uncertain. The latter was brought to my attention by Michael Rudge, a descendant of the Gloucester branch.


Motto: "In Cruce Fides"

(Translation: "Faith in the Cross")

From Burke's General Armory:

Arms (shield) description: "Quarterly, sa. and gu. a cross engr. ar" (Translated: "Quartered: black and red, a silver engrailed cross")

Crest description: "Out of a mural crown or, two arms erect sleeved gu. hands and cuffs ppr. supporting a shield ar." (Translated: "Out of a gold mural crown two arms upright, sleeved red, hands and cuffs naturally colored, supporting a silver shield")

Here's another more elaborate version of the arms, as it is generally rendered in Burke's Landed Gentry:


Motto: "Res Non Verba"

(Translation: "Deeds Not Words")

From a note found among Michael Rudge's great-grandmother's belongings:

"The Arms of Rudge an ancient of long residence in the counties of Glouster and Worcester, viz.

Arms (shield)/Crest description: "Quarterly, table and gules. A cross grailed argent, charged with a crescent for difference of house. Crest and out of mural crown. Two arms embowed in armor, holding an escutcheon charged with the same arm. Blue horzonal. Red vertical. Black vertical and horizonal." "


Motto: "Res Non Verba"

(Translation: "Deeds Not Words")

[DISCLAIMER: We should all recognize that technically right to the Evesham Rudge Arms belongs only to someone who can establish a direct male-line descent from 12. Edward Rudge of London or 13. William Rudge of Evesham of the Evesham branch of the Rudge family, who were granted rights to arms by The College of Arms in 1634. A de facto right to bear a similar coat of arms seems to be present for the descendants of Thomas Rudge Archdeacon of Gloucester, who are mentioned in virtually every heraldry book as also having a right to bear this same coat of arms by virtue of their recognized yet undocumented connection to the Evesham family.]

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