The following are four photographs of Louisa nee Mitchell RUDGE (1822-1907). In each case I juxtapose the original with an altered version to improve the contrast.

1. Louisa nee Mitchell and her husband, John RUDGE. It appears to have been about the time of their marriage (9 Nov 1842), in which case it could have been taken either in England or France.

2. Louisa nee Mitchell RUDGE and one of her children taken ca. 1850 in France. I think the child looks more like John William Rudge than it does his brother Thomas George Rudge, but I have no idea what their sisters looked like.

3. This third photograph clearly indicates on the back that it was taken in Savannah, GA. It was probably taken shortly after she migrated there ca. 1880.

4. This fourth photograph may have been taken later. A broad shot taken with the caption is followed by an inset.

5. This fifth photograph is of Louisa when she was much older, ca. 1900 and presumably in Savannah, GA.

Last updated on 10 Aug 2010.