Queries about branches of the Rudge family

Here are queries about the Rudge family, posted in the order they were received:

1. My grandmother, Ethel Smith RUDGE, was born in the Bilston area of Wolverhampton. I have traced the family back to Cleobury Mortimer, SAL c1800, and prior to that Ryton by Shifnal, Albrighton, and Sutton Maddox, STS. Please contact me if you have information or are following this family.

Contact: Jane Palmer NICJANE@classic.msn.com


posted 13 May 1998

2. My grandparents, Peter RUDGE and Sarah LANE (born in Gloucester) were married in Tipton in 1834. Peter was the father of Daniel RUDGE, one of the founders of the Rudge Bicycle Company. Daniel RUDGE died in 1880 in Ealing. Questions: (a) what was Daniel RUDGE doing in Ealing when his home was Wolverhampton? and (b) was Daniel RUDGE's death due to an accident?

Contact: Marie Anne Cooper minbalup@ihug.co.nz

posted 26 Jul 1998

3. Seeking information on a William RUDGE who married Ada BEDDOWS in West Bromwich circa the 1940's.

Contact: Peter Warden vv31@dial.pipex.com

posted 12 Sep 1998

4. My grandfather's sister, Mary Ann BANKS, married Thomas Swift RUDGE abt. 1852 in England. He was born 10 May 1830 in Wolverhampton. She was born about 1831 in Kingswood, Staffordshire, England and died 9 Jul 1968. Mary Ann BANKS and Thomas Swift RUDGE's children, all born in Wolverhampton, are: Thomas Swift RUDGE married second Emily -, who was born in Wednesfield. Thomas Swift RUDGE and Emily - had one child: Edward J. RUDGE, born 1871.

We are not interested in researching the Rudge family ancestors, but we are interested in finding out about their descendants.

Contact: Ray H. Banks banks@burgoyne.com

posted 20 Sep 1998

5. We are searching for Rudges in and around Birmingham. Here's what we have so far:

Edward RUDGE born 1885 in Hockley Birmingham Married Emma Elenor JENKINS (born 1887) Edward died 2.1.1949

Edward RUDGE (son of Edward) b. 22.8.1910 in Hockley Birmingham Married Alice WOOD in 1934 at St Pauls Birmingham Edward died 14.12.1995 in Dudley Road Hospital.

Contact: Diane Holton diane.hofton@nottingham.ac.uk

posted 18 Oct 1998

6. I am searching for members of a branch of the Rudge family originally associated with Clacton, Essex. My father, Jim RUDGE, and his brothers Jack and Ron RUDGE, moved to North Staffordshire during WW2 with my grandparents from Clacton in Essex. I, my brother David, uncle Jack and his son Tony RUDGE and our families all now live around Leek in Staffordshire.

Contact: Nik Rudge nikr@energylogistics.co.uk

posted 24 Nov 1998

7. Removed at request of author.

8. My GGrandfather David Rudge (son of Job & ?) married Ann Harrison 29.5.1843 at the Parish Church Sedgley Staffs. Their daughter Elizabeth my Grandmother was born 16.9.1856 at Salop Row Bilston Staffs. I am eager for any information on any Rudges who maybe my ancestors.

Contact: Ruth Martin Ruth.Martin@btinternet.com

posted 30 Dec 1998

9. I am writing as regards information on my Grandfather who died 10 years ago. He was brought up in Gloustershire by after being abandoned on a game keepers doorstep in the grounds of Rudge Hall in Gloustershire. My grandfather was brought up as Arthur Smith until he got married and found his birth certificate which stated that his name was Cyril Rudge. We have no idea about our ancestral history and have kept arriving at dead ends as regarding my Grandfathers history. We got as far as tracing his mother who was a maid that worked in the Hall . If you have any information or can offer any help my family would be most interested.

Contact: Eleanor Rudge E.Rudge@media-perf.salford.ac.uk

posted 18 Jan 1999

10. I am researching the history of Miss Mary Rudge, a chess player in the second half of last century. She has a claim to be the first women's world champion as she won the 1st international women's tournament in London, 1897. I believe she was born on 6 February 1845, and she lived in Bristol for most of her playing career. Any information on her or her relatives would be very welcome.

Contact: John Richards john_richards@blueyonder.co.uk

posted 28 Jan 1999, updated 20 Sep 2003

11. My father Arthur Frank Rudge was born April 25, 1912 in Deptford England and married my mother Ivy Agnes Rose Taylor born October 16, 1913 in Hinckley, Weicester. Arthur had one sister named Ivy. Their parents both died when Arthur was about 10 years old. Do you have any information on his background??

Contact: Lorraine Desjardins nee Rudge dwightyoa.hotmail.com

posted 31 Jan 1999

12. I am researching the name of ROOMS OF Polesworth, Warwickshire. My Grandad was Thomas Henry Rooms, born in 1902 in Polesworth. His Parents were Thomas Rooms and Lily Rooms (nee Rudge). In the 1881 Gloucestershire Census I have found Henry Rudge - 25 - Blacksmith - born Whitecroft Gloucester, Emily - 22 - wife - born Kering, Gloucester, Lily - 4 daughter - born - Whitecroft, Fanny - 2 - daughter - born Polesworth, John W - 4 son - born Polesworth. Could be the family moved to Polesworth where Lily grew up and married my great grandfather. Would appreciate any information you have.

Contact: Julie Willet JULIEAW@bigpond.com

posted 8 Feb 1999

13. My interest is my gg grandmother Ann(e) RUDGE was  born circa 1847 in Paddington, London.  She married Richard SIVERS (canal boatman) in Marylebone, London in 1867.  her father was Edward RUDGE, a canal boatman.  I have not been able to find out any more information about Ann(e).  There are a number of Rudge canal boatman on various censuses who I believe are connected but I have not yet found this connection.

Contact: Alison Powell alison.powell@virgin.net

posted 20 Feb 1999

14. My mother, Lorraine Jennifer Rudge, was born February 17th, 1943 and my Aunt is Brenda Rudge, born June 6th, 1946, emigrated to Canada from England some 40 years ago.  They have a deceased brother name Laurence. .

Contact: Keith kika@home.com

posted 26 Feb 1999

15. 15. My gt gt Grandfather married my gt gt grandmother and her maiden name was Biggs. I think she was from the London area. But no where do I see the Biggs name, anyone have any info on the Name.

Contact: Scott Rudge srudge5@rushmore.com

first posted 1 Mar 1999, updated 15 Mar 2008

16. My great grandfather Caleb Rudge was born in Cradley, Stafford, England on April 27 1884. I have been told than he had brothers and sisters still living in England when he came to Canada in 1910. I would be happy to hear from anybody who could help me.

Contact: Doug Rudge drudge@netcom.ca

posted 9 Mar 1999

17. My great great great great grandfather was Jacob (James) Osborne (Osburne). He married Sarah Rudge in Sedgley on 18 June 1788. Sarah was christened 25 June 1762. Her father was Thomas Rudge. That's all I know about the Rudge family in Sedgley. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Contact: Paul Piercy PDP72357@aol.com

posted 11 Apr 1999

18. I am searching Sarah Ann RUDGE born ABT 1836 in Longhope She is my great great great grandmother I am finding it very hard to find her parents for sure, but I have found on census returns a Thomas and Ann RUDGE who lived next door, and the address they lived in was taken over by Sarah Ann and her husband - Walter Walter (and Sarah Ann) ran 'The Farmer's Boy' in Longhope and are at this address in 1851 and 1861 in the census.

Contact: Michael Christie Jam.Christie@btinternet.com

posted 17 May 1999

19. Still seeking information on the ancestry of Peter and Sarah nee LANE RUDGE (queries #2, 7 above). I know that one of Peter's sons, Thomas, married Alice FISHER, and on her death married Eliza FISHER, both born and raised in Gloucester. I'm wondering if there may be a connection.

Contact: Marie Anne Cooper minbalup@ihug.co.nz

posted 9 Oct 1999

20. My great great grandfather, John Rudge, married to Marie Frances Duval Creasy in 1851(and born possibly circa 1830) was the son of John Rudge, a mercantile clerk. My gt.gt. grandfather was a hairdresser in the Newington area of London at the time of his marriage but I've not been able to find him on the census returns. Can anyone help?

Contact Pamela Brider nee Rudge pamelabrider@yahoo.com

posted 12 Oct 1999

21. Mary Rudge born of Joseph Rudge and Hannah Floyd Rudge in 1806 Christened January 26, 1806 in Bilston was my great great grandmother. She married William Harpin in Sedgley on 5 June 1825. Can anyone tell me how her family fits into the long Rudge family history in Staffordshire. Further does anyone have any information on the Harpin family of Staff. Thanks for your help.

Contact Walter J. Harpen wharpen@in-touch. net

posted 25 Oct 1999

22. My father, John Benjamin Rudge, was born in Wakefield England circa 1912. He married Betrice Catchpole in circa 1938 in London England. They had 4 children: Jacqueline, John, Elizabeth, Robert.

Contact Robert Rudge BobRudgey@aol.com

posted 31 Oct 1999

23. John RUDGE Md Sarah TARRY or TERRY c1840. They had 5 Children in Northampton city: William, John Marigold (My direct desendant), Matilda, Edward, Mary Ann, and Elizabeth.

Although they are listed on the 1841 census.I have not been able to locate John and Sarah's marriage. c1840 in Northanpton. The family appear to have come from Birmingham as John was a gunmaker by trade, a trade allied to Birmingham. John may have moved from Birmingham to Northampton and met and married Sarah on the way. It is possible that Sarah is from a different Parish in Northampton county. The most convenient way to travel from Birmingham to Nortampton would have been by Canal.

I also believe that they may have moved back to Birmingham at some time as the children appear in various places in Birmingham and Staffordshire in Census records.

My grandfather William George RUDGE emigrated to NZ in 1910 with his future wife Amy DUGMORE.

Contact: Allan Rudge AJ.Rudge@xtra.co.nz

posted 17 Nov 1999

24. I am interested in the Rudge's from Whitecroft, Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire [Query #12 above]. Julie's Gt Grandfather Henry was a brother to my Gt. Gt. Grandfather Freeman Rudge who was also born in Whitecroft. There parents were John Rudge and Ann Morgan. John was born circa 1805 in Coleford/Newland, also in the forest. Although I haven't got past John for certain (albeit I have a lot of circumstantial evidence to suggest that his parents were a William Rudge and Mary Nicholas who married at Newland in 1791) I have accumulated a lot on information on John and Ann's decendants.

Contact: Mark Rudge mrudge@cwcom.net

posted 17 Nov 1999

25. I'm trying to trace info about John Arthur Roebuck Rudge. Here's what I have so far: 1. He was an instrument maker from Bath, collaborated with the film pioneer William Friese-Greene to develop the Biophantic Lantern in 1889. 2. It was in Bath that film pioneer William Friese-Greene made the acquaintance of John Arthur Roebuck Rudge, a tall gaunt bearded inventor of magic lanterns. J.A.R. Rudge had devised a latern, the 'Biophantoscope', which could display seven slides in rapid succession, giving the illusion of movement. So I'm guessing he was born somewhere around 1850/60 and most probably in Bath or Bristol (Friese-Greene's hometown) 3. He possibly died in the early years of the 20th century.

Contact: Dr Russell Naughton russell.naughton@eng.monash.edu.au

posted 30 Nov 1999

26. Still seeking information on my great grandfather Caleb Rudge (query #16 above).He was born in 1884 in Cradley, Stafford, England. His parents were named William Rudge and Tru-Ann Harris. His brothers and sisters names are: William. Josiah, John, Tru-Ann, Joshua, Phillip and Helen. Can anyone help me find out more about any of these people?

Contact: Doug Rudge drudge@netcom.ca

posted 6 Dec 1999

27. My Grandfather was called Albert Rudge and originated in Gloucester. He was born around 1876-78. I have no idea if he had any Brothers or Sisters, I do know that he became a Sergeant Major in the army and trained troops for the Boer War and the First World War. He then turns up as the local Postman in West Kirby on the Wirral ( near Liverpool ). My Father, Robert Francis Rudge was born in 1906 in West Kirby, his brother George in 1908 and Florence in 1913. I would be grateful for any clues as to the origins of my Grandfather Albert I would be fascinated to hear of them as i have at present draw a blank as the only surviving person who might know anything helpful is Auntie Flo ( Florence ) who is now 86/87 years of age.

Contact: Janet nee Rudge Rice nicerice@aol.com.

posted 2 Feb 2000

28. I was born is Surinam (South America) I would like to know if there is any information on the Rudge family from Surinam. I know that they owned land and had slaves. I have met some coloured people in Holland who had the same name. So if you have some infomation on this subject that could help me please contact me.

Contact: Dennis Rudge R.dudge@wxs.nl

posted 2 Feb 2000

29. My father, Albert Rudge's family came from Gloucester, Barnwood to be precise. If anyone has any knowledge of the Rudge family from Barnwood, do please let me know.

Contact: Diane Hughes diane.hughes@which.net.

posted 2 Feb 2000

30. Mr. John Rudge married with Elizabeth Mills on 7/11/1814 (Painswick). He arrived in Sčo Paulo, Brasil with his brother in 1820. I have information about his arrival. Does anyone have information regarding his birth and parentage?

Contact: Ademar Rudge arudge@sti.com.br

posted 2 Feb 2000

31. My husband's GGrandfather was George Rudge born in Nechells, Birmingham. We do not have a date of birth (assuming early 1800's), however we do know that he was a stage performer using the name 'The White Eyed Capper' . His children were Albert, Emily, Harold (was a boxer), Walter, George William (1888-1973, Nechells) and possibly a son called Lewis. George William married Amie Terry (from Wednesfield and she died in 1963) and had the following children: Amy, Lily (1920), May (1923), William George (born in Birmingham 1924-1984). If you have any information regarding the White Eyed Capper i.e. who was his wife? What is his DOB? Did he have any siblings? Also any information regarding George William i.e. siblings.

Contact: Sharon Rudge s.rudge@ukonline.co.uk

posted 8 Mar 2000

32. I am seeking information on Isaac Rudge and Sophia Hinton's families. Isaac & Sophia married May 30, 1870 at Saint Thomas, Dudley, Worcester, England. I believe Isaac's father was Joseph Rudge and Sophia's father was John Hinton. Does anyone know anything about Joseph or John ?

Contact: BobLewis bobmarian56@yahoo.com

posted 10 Mar 2000

33. We are looking for descendants of my grandfather's sister, Mary Ann Banks b. 1831 in Staffordshire and her husband Thomas Swift Rudge b. 10 May 1830 in Wolverhampton, Staffordshire. Their children are:

    William Thomas Rudge b. 1854, md. Ellen, son Sidney Rudge b. 1880
    Eleanor Rudge b. 1855
    Joseph Walter Rudge b. 1858
    Eliza Ann Rudge b. 1860
    Charles Henry Rudge b. 1863
    Mary Elizabeth Rudge b. 1865
    Emily Rudge b. 1867

After Mary Ann died on 9 Jul 1868, Thomas married Emily Walker on 11 Jul 1869 and had a son Edward John Rudge b. 1871.

Contact:Ray and Pat Banks banks@korat.loxinfo.co.th

posted 16 Mar 2000

34. Seeking information about the following Rudge family from Sedgley, Staffs. Joseph Rudge 1837-1892, his wife was Sarah dob 1838. They had one son, James Henry Rudge 1859-1905. They lived at 55 Castle Street, Sedgley, Staffs.

Contact:Tracy Slater tslater@uk.packardbell.org

posted 19 Mar 2000

35. My grandmother was Mary Ann Rudge, born in Lea Bailey, Forest of Dean, 1873, daughter of Charles and Eliza Rudge. Her sister was Alice Rudge who married and settled in Cheltenham. Her brother was Percy Rudge. I am interested in tracing their ancestors and descendants.

Contact: Pete Redwood pete.redwood@btinternet.com

posted 2 May 2000

36. I am seeking any information on Joseph Rudge who was married to Doris (nee Hodgetts), He lived in the Hockley or Lozells area of Birmingham and died in 1947/48.I believe his parents were named Bert and Elsie. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Please contact Bob Rudge Bobr@adam.com.au

posted 8 Jul 2000

37. I have a very old photograph of someone listed on the photo as JF Rudge and HH or WH Rudge. They are standing in front of a building known as "JR Fudge Midland Rustic Works". They may be part of my family's genealogy. As the photo was passed down through my mother-in-laws family, her mother's maiden name was Carrie Rudge. I believe there are other living Rudges in New York state, USA. It seems that Jane Rudge left England in about 1866 with her 4 children, William, Frederick, Louise and Clara for the U.S. William and possibly Frederick became printers in New York City, NY, USA. However, I am not able to find this branch on your family tree. There are references in Carrie Rudge's records that suggest there are family members buried in the Old Smethick Church in England. I have requested the church records. Would you be able to point me in the right direction on the connection of JF Rudge, Jane Rudge or William Rudge to the Rudge family history?

Please contact Robert Vielee Cramer2480@worldnet.att.net

posted 6 Aug 2000

38. I am trying to gather information about Abia RUDGE; Christened 23 sep 1810, Ruardean,Gloucester, Eng. I am trying to connect him to my grandmother, born 1894 in Symond's Yat, Margery Abia Porter. (See also #41 below.)

Please contact Patricia Golden goldsky@worldpath.net

posted 8 Aug 2000

39. My grandmother was Matilda Rudge, who married my grandfather, William Thomas Vernon BENNELL. He was a master plumber who drank away his livelihood and whose apprentices overtook their master. They lived in Salford, and then in Manchester, as far as I know. Until recently I understood my grandmother had been born in Tarvin, Cheshire. Imagine my surprise when, while accompanying a friend to a Mormon Temple to check on her ancestors, I discovered my grandmother had been born near Glasgow, in Lanarkshire, Scotland, in 1864. Try as hard as I can, I can't remember the sound of her voice, which might have told me she had Scottish roots. Perhaps she migrated south when she was very young, to obtain employment, or maybe the whole family moved.

Please contact Elsie Hemming ehemming@alphalink.com.au

posted 14 Aug 2000

40. I am looking for info. on William Richard Rudge b. 1835 England. Emigrated to New Jersey>Mass.>Conneticut>? Any help greatly appreciated!

Contact: Roberta in Vancouver, WA ZBRWGO@aol.com

posted 25 Aug 2000

41. Do you have any information about the John Rudge that immigrated to Brazil? Or his wife Ann Abiah Smith? I am trying to make a connection with my ggreatmother Elizabeth Rudge Porter born 1865? to 1882?, died in Birmingham,1930s? married William Harold Porter lived in Symond's Yat. (See also #38 above.)

Contact: Patricia in NH/USA goldsky@worldpath.net

posted 25 Aug 2000

42. I am researching a Rudge family from Sedgley, Staffs. If the Sedgley Rudges apply to you, I would love to hear from you.

Contact: Tracy Slater tslater@uk.packardbell.org

posted 27 Aug 2000

43. I am researching my family who lived in Islington London. Edwin walter died about 1914 and would have been born about 1840. His occupation on his son's marriage certificate is given as "brass finisher", whatever that was. EW was my great grandfather, Any help greatly appreciated.

Contact: Henry Rudge rudge@mpx.com.au

posted 2 Oct 2000

44. Searching for connections to Joseph Harold RUDGE (Killed in action 1914 Ypres) Born Tipton,Staffs. Enlisted in Wednesbury,Staffs 1909 whilst living in West Bromich,Staffs.Thanks in advance for any comments.

Contact: Archie McArthur archie.mcarthur@LineOne.net

posted 15 Oct 2000

45. I am looking for any info on the following RUDGE family ,Joseph RUDGE. Born in 1825 in Daisy Bank ,Staffs. In 1848 Joseph married Eliza SERGEANT. They had the following children:
  • i. Eliza RUDGE (b.1856)
  • ii. James Howie RUDGE (b.1858)
  • iii. George L RUDGE (1859 - 1908)
  • iv. Hannah Sergeant RUDGE (b.1866)
  • v. Abraham RUDGE (b.1866)
  • vi. John Thos RUDGE (b.1867)
  • vii. Samuel RUDGE (b.1868)
  • viii. Alfred Benjm RUDGE (b.1870)
Contact: Jan Jan37.1950@ntlworld.com

posted 11 Nov 2000; revised 11 Mar 2007

46. I am the grandson of Mr David Maurice Rudge of Bream, Forest of Dean. We are currently researching our family history and we have so far researched back until 1791. This is when William Rudge married Mary Nicholls at English Bicknor. William would be my grandfathers' Great, Great Grandfather. Now that we have reached this point, we are slightly stuck. We have information about the Rudge family dating back to 1622 in Ruardean, when a Thomas Rudge was church warden. We are having problems finding a link (if there is one.)

Contact: Andrew Ferris ferrifamily@btinternet.com

posted 11 Nov 2000

47. I came from the Brazilian branch of the Rudge family. As far as I know, we are direct descendants of John Rudge, since the first generation of the Brazilian branch of the family. My grandfather was Carlos Telles Rudge (son of Jočo Rudge and Ana Telles Rudge), married to Brígida Paredes Estigarríbia Rudge. They had two sons: my father Manoel Luiz Rudge and Fernando Antonio Rudge. Carlos' brothers and sisters were: Antonietta (the pianist), first married to Charles Miller (the introducer of soccer in Brazil), Alcides, Antonio, Plínio, Alfredo, Dila (Rudge Hampshire) and others. I am the only son of Manoel Luiz, who died as an Army Reserve General in 1977. I have two daughters, Elizabet Ramos Rudge (7/13/1958) and Chistine Ramos Rudge (12/21/1963), and a son, Luis Deschamps Rudge (2/21/1988). I was born in 1/32/1936, in Rio de Janeiro. Finally, I have to mention that our coat of arms (probably only of the Brazilian branch) is different from the one you have in your site. And our motto is "Res non Verba" (actions, not words).

Contact: Luiz Fernando Rudge rudge@terra.com

posted 11 Nov 2000

48. I am trying to help Austin Rudge with his family. He is trying to find the parents of Thomas born c1811-1812, John 1813-1814, Emma born Pershore 1819- 1820, William Frederick 1821. All were in Australia. In Tasmania & Victoria.

Contact: Elaine Kranjc ekran@iprimus.com

posted 28 Feb 2001

49. I was born Anthea Margaret Rudge on 12th January 1942 eleven months before my late father Roland Bernard Rudge went off to fight in North Africa and Italy. I was 4 when he came home. My brother, Jeffrey Stephen was born 11th January 1947 and my sister, Susand Elizabeth on 10th October 1953. My father died on 2nd November 1983. He always wondered about his family. All we know is that he was born in Edgbaston in 1916 and his father, he was told, was a butcher but he was illegitimate. This coloured his life a lot. He said that he remembered when he was about 3 a woman coming to see him (by this time he was with a maiden aunt and her brother) and was told that it was his mother. He was brought up by the said aunt and uncle in Boxmoor, Hemel Hempstead. He went on to work with John Dickinson the big paper manufacturer before joining up. He went to work for Alexander Cowan & Son in Upper Thames Street in London after the war. He eventually owned his own office stationery and equipment company in Tring in Hertfordshire. If you know of any family members with whom my brother, sister or I could get in touch with to try and throw some light onto our father's past I would be grateful.

Contact: Margaret Mack margret.mack@tilbury.co.uk

posted 22 Mar 2001

50. I am searching for information on ancestors and descendants of Henry Rudge born Ludlow and Ann Holloway who were married in Halesowen December 1847. Their nine children were all baptized in Halesowen.

Contact: Agnes Lougheed agnes.lougheed@sympatico.ca

posted 26 Apr 2001

51. I am searching for information on my mother's family. Her maiden name was Helen Rudge. She has 3 sisters who are the daughters of Orvay Thomas Rudge who was the son of Charles William G. Rudge, Esq. who was the son of Edward Rudge, Esq. born 1801 died 1881. He married - LONG. We are wondering whether our Edward Rudge is one and the same as 67. Edward Rudge on the Evesham branch.

Contact: Rachel Glawson shelly1222@aol.com

posted 26 Apr 2001

52. Benjamin Rudge was born in England, date and place unknown. He married Jane Hill 7th October, 1811 in Chapel of St John, Wolverhampton, Staffordshire. Their daughter Martha Rudge was my g g grandmother, and she married James Thomas Coradine in 1838.

Contact: Aylene Millar gamillar@actrix.co.nz

posted 2 Jun 2001

53. Seeking information about Ann Rudge in the Shifnal census. She is listed as unmarried and living on High Street, age 58, born in Shifnal and the head of the household. Bt Shifnal 15 Dec 1822, dau of Thomas/Honor Rudge. Siblings Lucy (1815), Henry (1817), Sarah (1819), John (1821), Elizabeth (1824), Thomas (1826), Ellen (1829). Mother Honor nee PLATT. All Shifnal.

Contact: John Cullwick lsa@globalnet.co.uk

posted 8 Jul 2001

54. I am Tony Rudge and I was born in Leeds, England. I just wonder if there are Rudges in other parts of the world who can trace their ancestry back to Leeds.

Contact: Tony Rudge ulfius@ntlworld.com

posted 19 Oct 2001

55. I am looking for information on my grandfather's parents. His name was Frank Rudge and he was born in 1881 in Ashton-under-Lyne, England. His parent's names were William and Ellen.

Contact: Christopher Rudge crudge@voicenet.com

posted 20 Oct 2001

56. For some reason my family, Rudge has a Code of Arms showing the same colorings but in the middle of the shield is a vertical crescent and from my great-grandmother I have "The Arms of Rudge an Ancient of long residence in the counties of Glouster and Worcester, viz: Quarterly table and Gules. A Cross engrailed argent, charged with a crescent for differences of house. Crest and out of mural crown. Two arms embowed in armor, holding an escutcheon charged with the same arm. Motto: Res Non Verba. Blue Horizontal, Red Vertical, Black Vertical and Horizontal.I guess my overall question is what is the connection if any to the Rudge Family?

Contact: Michael Rudge michaelrudge@yahoo.com

posted 16 Nov 2001

57. My name is John Rudge born 1951 in Romford, Essex. I am just starting out on tracing my ancestry but unfortunately have no near relatives that are still living or seem interested (me and my son are the remaining males left in our small branch of the tree). My father George was born 1915 in Chadwell Heath, Essex and had two older brothers Charles(Ginger) and Henry (Harry) and a younger sister Rose. I think my Grandfather was also Henry and I remember my father mentioning of Rudge cousins within the same locality that were farmers. There is also a long-shot that we could be linked with Dickens' Barnaby Rudge of Chigwell. Can anybody expand on this please.

Contact: John Rudge john.rudge1@btinternet.com

posted 13 Jan 2002

58. Does anyone have a connection with a RUDGE - HICKS. c1900?

Contact: Veronica Oldham veronicaoldham@yahoo.co.uk

posted 16 Jan 2002

59. Looking for information on Albert George Rudge. Born 1865 Married Florence Ann ? Lived in the Sharpness area ,before moving to the Rhondda Valley South wales. Siblings Jane Sam Elsie and Albert.

Contact: wrowe athotkey.net.au

posted 28 Jan 2002

60. My mother is Helen Marie Rudge of Pine Bluff, Arkansas. Her father was Orvay Thomas Rudge of Bloomfield, Iowa in 1876 (that is right 1876 as he was thirty years older than my grandmother who is now 95). His father immigrated from England and the family gossip is that he left a "landed" family of Noble descent.

Contact: Thomas Blalock thomeblalock@aol.com

posted 3 Mar 2002

61. I am trying to trace ancestors of my great grandfather, James Rudge who was born around 1892 in the parish of Clun, and who had several brothers and sisters. Two of his brothers are believed to have moved to Lancashire to join the police force. My great grandfather married Edith Lilly Coles. The are both buried at Lydbury North Church, any help gratefully received.

Contact: Ruthbuckle@aol.com

posted 8 Mar 2002

62. I am trying to trace the descendants of Samuel Holloway Rudge, born about 1846, son of John Rudge. At the time of his marriage to Emma Bailey (on 30th May 1867 in Dawley Parva, Shropshire) he gave his occupation as Grocer, and place of residence as Berrington. My main interest is the Bailey surname, and I am attempting to do a one-name study for Dawley on Baileys, which is why I am enquiring, in case you may have any information which you would be willing to share, on Emma and Samuel's descendants?

Contact: Pam Riggs pam@pamriggs.co.uk

posted 14 Apr 2002

63. My Grandmother died in 1960 age 67. She was born Rudge in the Forest of Dean. Her Father moved to Wales with a very large family. He went thereto work inthe Collier. Unfortunately he was killed in an explosion in Bargoed Colliery in the early 1900's. My Grandmothers brothers wer Jack anRoy Rudge Who moved yto Portisheade near Bristol Both are now deceased although they both raised families there. There were two brothers who returned to The Forest of Dean one had a son who lived in Whitecroft hios name was Harry Rudge. Another son lived in a small Village called Tiryberth (Glam) His name was Kim his son I beleive still lives there his name is Teddy Rudge.

Contact: Anthony Harding HBengi200@aol.com

posted 28 May 2002

64. Are there any Rudge's out there who are descended from my Gt. Grandfather, James Freeman Rudge's brothers. James was born at Bream in the Forest of Dean in 1874. The family moved to South Wales for the mining between 1881 and 1884. James married Mary Ann Burgess in 1891 at Bedminster,Bristol. I know that some of James brothers lived in the Bristol area as well. James brothers were as follows:- Issac Francis Rudge brn 1862 Bream,married Laura Hill at Trevethin South Wales. Their children were Percy Alfred Francis Rudge brn 1884, married an Eliza Dawes at Norwood Surrey in 1907. Ernest John Rudge brn 1887 and Eleanor Gray Rudge brn 1890. Herbert Rudge brn 1866 Bream, married Caroline Crew in 1891 at Bishopsworth, Somerset. Freeman John Rudge brn 1868 Bream, married Louisa Palmer in 1890 at Abersychan South Wales. Arther Rudge brn 1870 Bream, married Ellen Masters in 1891 Bedminster,Bristol.

Contact: Mark Rudge mrudge@cwcom.net

posted 9 Jun 2002

65. My Grand Mother was Sarah"Cissy"Rudge from Monmouth, she had a sister Louise who married Samuel Charles, there were others, Ted Rudge was my fathers cousin, they grew up together. Ted (Edward?) ran a good fruit and veg shop in Monmouth, may have been a family concern, he had one daughter Jenny (Bevan) who still lives in Cherry Walk Monmouth, Ted may still be alive in his 80's, I don't know. There is a connection with Rudges in New Zealand, I met them once in the 60's. Cheers

Contact: Fred Beach Freddyb4@aol.com

posted 29 Sep 2002

66. I'm looking for James RUDGE b.29 Sept. 1811 in England, d. 22 Jan. 1872, Audubon Co. Iowa. Wife, Eliza ? b. 26 Mar. 1816 England. They were said to have been from Herefordshire, England. Married abt. 1838. They went to America abt. 1844. John RUDGE and wife Mary and 4 children born at or near Aston Ingham Herefordshire England , John b. 1817 England d. 13 July 1878, Audubon Co. Iowa. Mary b. 1825 England d. 26 Apr. 1877, Audubon Co. Iowa. John Mary and 2 children William and Sarah are on the 1851 Census for Herefordshire. Aston Ingham. I am however seeking any information of an earlier time in England ,ie the parents and maiden names of the women ELIZA and MARY. Thank you.

Contact: Roger Markley rm58@trccomputing.com

posted 29 Nov 2002

67. I'm looking for parents of my gggrandfather John Rudge born about 1817. He married a Mary in 1843 and had William, Sarah Ann, Hannah (Anna) Emma, Mary (Jennie) all born in England. They moved to Exira, Iowa. Married names are Eric, Huyck, Thomas, Sprinkle. Please contact me if you have any connections.

Contact: Nancy Miller sassy@ifox.com

posted 12 Aug 2003

68. My father Arthur James Rudge, born 1892 in Birmingham, came to Australia after service in the Royal Navy, met and married my Scottish mother in Melbourne, and never returned to England. I would like to find some news of his siblings. In 1901 census, the family was living at Smethwick. Father James 39, mother Prudence 36, and children Edwin 15, Edith 11, Arthur 8, Florence 4, & Rose 1. There was another son named James, born later.

Contact: Gladys Clarke keigla@bigpond.net.au

posted 20 Aug 2003

69. I'm looking for information on Hannah Rudge. She married Richard Davice, Davis [ also Davies] 1774 at Hope Mansell, Hereford, England.

Contact: Ernest Hatton hatton@cfl.rr.com

posted 23 Aug 2003

70. Removed by request of original poster.

posted 1 Sep 2003

71. I have come into possession of something belonging once to J. L. H. Rudge of Bilston Staffs, it was awarded while in the P.S.A. Class at wood Street in Bilston. I'd be happy to give it to the descendants.

Contact: Teddy Murphy tmurphy@beicon.net

posted 22 Oct 2003

72. I was just wondering if you had any information or any help for me. Charles Henry Rudge dob 4-30-1891 in Bristol, England, father Henry Rudge mother Fanny White. I don't believe any of grandpas family ever moved over to the states. I do remember and Uncle Frank and Aunt Marian and a cousin Pete who raced motorcycles in England. I had an Aunt who use to keep in touch the family in England but years ago she developed Alzheimer's and later passed on so I have no way of even trying to find out family history thru family members over there.

Contact: Carin (Rudge) Herbeck HerbeckHerway2@aol.com

posted 22 Oct 2003

73. I am seeking any information relating to the Rudge Family who who lived at the Post Office, Llangarron and which had been in the family from the 1850s. I would be particularly pleased if anyone had any information on Ruby Clarice Rudge or Elibank Harley Murray Rudge who I know served with the RMLI during World War 1.

Contact: John Rudge john_r_rudge@hotmail.com

posted 31 Dec 2003

74. My mother's maiden name is Rudge and her great grandfather came to Australia in 1833 as a Convict. I have successfully traced all descendents in Australia, but when it comes to going back further in England, I'm not sure where to start. This is as much of the early detail that I have been able to piece together from death & marriage certificates etc. George Henry Rudge was born around 1814 in Gloucestershire (no details of town or village). His parents were Benjamin Rudge (farmer) and Charlotte (formerly Rudge). He was sent to Australia in 1832 for 7 years for stealing rabbits. The date of his trial was 30/3/1832 in Gloucester. He sailed to Australia on the barque "Camden" which:

Departed Sheerness, England 22/9/1832

Arrived Sydney, NSW 18/2/1833

Voyage time 149 days

Ship's Master George T Clayton

Ship's Surgeon Joseph Steret

200 males left England, 2 died on the voyage

He was 17 years old at the time, 5'7" tall, ruddy complexion, brown hair, dark grey eyes and the letter "R" branded inside his lower right arm He also had two blue bands on the middle and third finger of his right hand. His occupation was listed as a "Farmer's Boy".

Contact: Rob Gay rob.gay@smartlogistics.com.au

posted 18 Apr 2004

75. I am particularly interested in contacting Diane Hughes ( message no.29 ) but the email address given is not recognised.My grandmother, Mabel Rudge was born in Barnwood, Gloucester and had a brother, Andrew, who had a son called Albert George who was born on the 20 December 1917, probably in London and possibly in Woolwich. I am also interested in any information on another of my grandmother's brothers, Herbert Rudge, who married an Anglo-Indian lady while serving with the Royal Horse Artillery in Rawalpindi and returned to live in Golders Green in London..

Contact: Rob Wickham robwickham@connectfree.co.uk

Rob: please Diane Hughes (#29 above) at dijohughes@btinternet

posted 18 Apr 2004

76. Removed at request of author.

77. Trying to find decendents/ancestors connected with Benjam Rudge born abt 1808 who married Winifred Wright in 1834 in Birmingham. Their children were Eliza-Ann, Emily-Winifred, Benjamin and Alfred. Emily-Winifred married Thomas William Heslop in 1862 at Bishops Ryder. Thomas died age 31, his widow and many in the family were tailors/tailoresses. One of the sons Henry married Annie Masefield in 1893.

Contact: Becky Lindsay tree@lindsaybunch.waitrose.com

posted 26 Apr 2004

78. Does anyone out there have any connections to Richmond Rudge born Birmingham, England 1864? He had a large family and probably has many living decendants. I am descended from one of his brothers and am interested in filling in gaps in the family history. Also I have some info on Richmond's ancestors who arrived in the city from Hereford that may be of interest to anyone from this branch of the family.

Contact: Gavin Rudge G.Rudge@bham.ac.uk

posted 16 Jun 2004

79. Looking for parents/siblings of my 2xgt grandmotherAnn RUDGE who married Henry Forrester at St Thomas church Dudley, 12th May 1828. In 1841 the Forester family are in Hasbury, Halesowen.

Contact: Stephanie Cole SJ924COLE@aol.com

posted 27 Jun 2004

80. Searching for Rob Wickham, the author of 75 above. Please Diane Hughes (#29 above) at dijohughes@btinternet

posted 12 Aug 2004

81. I don't know any further back than my nan, and unfortunately my grandfather died when my father was young (and my mum can't remember his forename but thinks that it might be John and he used to be a Bus Driver). Can't ask my dad as I lost contact with him a number of years ago. My Grandmother's name was Elizabeth Rudge (unsure of her maiden name) born approx 1920.She had 5 children Brian Sutton (from her first marraige), Vernie, Victor Bernard (my Dad), Malcolm and Billy and one adopted daughter Debbie.My dad (Victor) was born on the Bristol Road in Selly Oak in Birmingham, above a butcher shop which is no longer standing. He lived in Birmingham until he married my mum Pauline Wells and then they moved to Crawley West Sussex to work on a farm. Whilst in Birmingham he worked as a butcher. Sorry this is all the infomation that I have about this section of the Rudge family, but if it helps someone in their quest to trace their family tree, I'm glad to have been some help.

Contact: Tracy Michelle Rudge (D.O.B 17/04/1969 in Horsham West Sussex) mrstracymax@aol.com

posted 22 Sep 2004

82. Trying to trace any connection with benjamin rudge b1760c. of tipton sedgeley married to rachael (unknown) sons john, thomas m. to ann bond1809(wolverhampton),joseph,& david chr.@ bilston 1803.

Contact: geoff rudge geoff@sandown588.freeserve.co.uk

posted 1 Oct 2004

83. My name is May Silva Fernandes Gurjčo, nŹe May Rudge Pereira da Silva. My mother's name was Heloisa Rudge Pereira da Silva ,Née Heloisa Rudge, daughter of Eduardo Henrique Rudge (I believe from the Rudge Ramos branch) , married to Adelaide de Moraes Sarmento Rudge. I read all the genealogy of John Maxwell Rudge, who came to Brazil in early years and I did not find anyone under the name of Henrique Eduardo Rudge, who was my grandfather and lived in Petropolis , Rio de Janeiro , Brazil. If you are interested in any details, or in case you have more information about my grandfather's ascendance, please send me an e-mail.

Contact: May Silva Fernandes Gurjčo maryamg@terra.com.br.

posted 1 Oct 2004

84. Looking for information re: my great-grandmother -Charlotte Elizabeth Rudge - b. 1829,m.Lazarus Gardner Sept.30 1849 in Gt.Ilford , Reg. district Romford, resident in Chadwell.Her father is on the marriage cert. as John Rudge ,labourer.

Contact: Sue Patmore Suepat04@aol.com

posted 16 Oct 2004

85. I am researching the Rudge family of Llangarren, Herefordshire. I am a grandson of E H M Rudge(aka Harley Rudge) mentioned in message No. 73. His father was George Rudge b.19 Aug 1854 Llangarren, Herefordshire who married Charlotte Ann Murch b.23 Feb 1861 Ashburton, Devon. I have traced the family back as far as his grandfather William Rudge b. abt 1803 Upton Bishop, Herefordshire and his wife Eliza West b. abt 1815 Newport, Monmouthshire. William is also an ancestor of the author of message No. 73. Happy to share information with other descendants.

Contact: Ted Bryant tedbryant@bigpond.com.au

posted 26 Oct 2004

86. Looking for information on Elizabeth Rudge who married John Tongue in abt 1699 in Wombourne, Staffs, England. They are about my 7x greatgrandparents. I know that they had Mary, John, Edward, Elizabeth, William x 2, Samuel, and Sarah.

Contact: Douglas and Helen Smith possum@northnet.com.au

posted 22 Jan 2005

87. I am looking for 4x's gr-grandmother Harriet Rudge she marriage James Shibley on 7 feb,1818 @ St, Loenards Shorditch, London. They had three childern Emma Hannah br: 19 January 1823; Harriet Louisa br: 6 Feb, 1831; James Andrew br: 12 March 1826. All three childern were baptised 26 March 1837 @ St. Batholomew, The great, London. Emma is the one that married into the family she married James Joseph NEWTON in 1841. Is anyone looking for the same family??

Contact: Gail NewtonScotty@aol.com

posted 25 Jan 2005

88. I am researching the family tree of Elizabeth Rudge, my great-grandmother. She was born 12 Dec 1873 in Dudley the daughter of Benjamin Rudge and Margaret (nee Mace). Benjamin was a Police Office, and was born 1831 in Churchill near Halesowen. His father was William Rudge, born 1796 in Old Swinford, who married firstly Catherine Randale in 1819, and secondly Rebecca Hughes in 1828 in Kingswinford.

Contact: Joss Davis illumina3@hotmail.com

posted 30 Jan 2005

89. I am researching my g.grandmothers line of the Rudge family and would like to know if anyone is interested in the same family? I have Elizabeth (Eliza) Gertrude Rudge born 1830 Glamorgan, Wales. Parents William Rudge and Margaret Roberts. The family appear on the 1841 Breconshire census-Parish of Llangattock as William 45y.o. cordwainer, Margaret 40y.o., Eliza 13y.o., Betsy 6y.o., Martha 2mths. I believe there is also a daughter Hannah. Eliza married John Price (Montgomeryshire) 12/4/1851 in Merthyr Tydfil and they travelled to Australia the following year. I have information on their family in Australia but very little going back to Wales. Any help greatly appreciated.

Contact: Wendy Kavcic theblues@bigpond.com

posted 9 Feb 2005

90. Trying to contact W Harpen who posted a message in Oct 1999. E-mail address no longer seems to exist. If he is still looking for information on Joseph and Hannah Floyd Rudge, I think I might have something relevant. Also researching Rudge in Bilston/Sedgley area.

Contact: Judith Stark pjstark@tiscali.it

posted 15 Feb 2005

91. I am a member of a Rudge family who now live around the midlands. my dad John Hindsley and sister Marjory who married John Austin,grandad and great grandad were butchers in Birmingham. I would be interested in any information regarding my family.

Contact: PRudge5696@aol.com

posted 12 May 2005

92. If it helps anyone, I am Trevor Rudge b june 1952, My Father was Sidney Robert Albert Rudge born in London.

Contact: TREVOR1952uk@aol.com

posted 4 Jun 2005

93. I am searching for family members named Rudge. I know a Joe Rudge lived at 74 Crowlands Avenue Romford, Essex in 1947. I met a Walter Bickerton Rudge around the 1960's in Australia, when he came out to visit. The family history has been traced back to Josiah Rudge, a farmer b. 2 Feb 1763 at Royton. Known as Joseph Rudge. Died 21 March 1835 at his house in Cable Street Whitechapel, London. He married Mary Bickerton at Bath about 1793.

Contact: Anne Bell anne.bell4@bigpond.com

posted 2 Sep 2005

94. My name is Alan Rudge (jnr).My grandfather,Claude Rudge was born in Dursley,Gloustershire 14-12-1899 and emigrated to Australia in 1913. His father -my great-grandfather-was John Rudge(watch-maker) married to Florence Thomson(religious poet).They had 5 children - Cecil,Gerald, Dorothy,Clarence&Claude-all came to Australia,except Gerald,who wisely stayed in the UK and prospered.Apparently,all became watch-makers(except Gerald?) which seems to uphold the Rudge propensity for Mechanical/ engineering pursuits. Any assistance with information re John Rudge branch of the family greatly appreciated.

Contact : Alan Rudge alanrudge@tsn.cc

posted 5 Sep 2005

95. I have a gggrandfather who originated from Sheriffhales in Shropshire. His name was Joseph Rudge and he was born about 1811. His fathers name was John. Sheriffhales is only some 13 miles from the village of Rudge. He was a Master Mariner by trade as was his father. He moved across country to Kingston upon Hull.

Contact : Terrence Peters tacpet@msn.com

posted 27 Nov 2005

96. I am researching the Rudge family from Pauntley/Newent in Gloucestershire and would be very interested to hear from anyone with links to that branch.

Contact: rudgejudith@aol.com

posted 12 Jan 2006

97. I am researching my Rudge family history which has led me to Edgmond, Longford and Sheriffhales in Shropshire. I would be very interested to hear from anyone with links to this line. Names that I know of include Thomas Swift Rudge who married Mary Ann Banks & lived in Wolverhampton. He was born 1830 in Edgmond. His father is Joseph Rudge born 1803 in Sheriffhales and married Eleanor Walford. His father is Thomas Rudge born 1768 in Sheriffhales and married Mary Bryan. His father is John Rudge who died in 1778 in Sheriffhales, and married Elizabeth Plant in Kemberton in 1750. Any assistance with the ancestors and descendants of this line will be greatly appreciated.

Contact: Deborah Jordan debz.j@tesco.net

posted 21 Jan 2006

98. My name is Karen Rudge, eldest child of Edward and Marie Rudge and Grandaughter of Beryl and Edward. I am interested in hearing from any distant relatives.

Contact: Karen Rudge r.karik@uwclub.net

posted 7 Mar 2006

99. My grandfather was William Rudge born in Birmingham England May 28, 1890 and died in St Catharines, Ontario Canada May 21, 1955. He was married to Ethel May Fisher born April 7, 1891 in Litchfeild England. My Dad was the oldest of their five children and was born in Litchfield on September 23, 1917. The family immigrated to Canada in 1919. We do not have any further ancestral information other than other members of the family that we have pictures of are Jack Rudge, Harry Rudge ( has a daughter Winnie) Emma Rudge (Grandad's sister I think) and a Frank Rudge (Grandad's younger brother) Uncle Jack had a florist shop in Birmingham on Pershore Rd in the early 1900's (A J RUDGE) is on the store sign. If any of this information coincides with information that you have found, I would be most greatful to hear from you. Thank you for your help. Contact: Carol Lane lc.lane@sympatico.ca

posted 8 Aug 2006

100. I am looking for more information about my Grandfather John Richard Rudge, apparently they were from the Rotherham area.....My father is Albert Rudge who immigrated to Canada in 1955....if there is any connection from Rotherham or Sheffield Pleasse let me know. Contact: Allan Rudge allanrudge@sympatico.ca

posted 17 Sep 2006

101. Hello, my name is William John Rudge IV. My grandfather lived in N. Y. C. and married Adeline Jones, my great grandparents came from England.. Contact: William John Rudge statick77@hotmail.com

posted 17 Sep 2006

102. I am descended from Rudges in Gloucester. My grandfather was a Bartlett and his mother Beatrice Kat Rudge 1891. I believe her parents were James and Ann and James' parents James and Martha. I moved to Gloucestershire 4 years ago and started taking an interest as my grandfather was born in Southgate Street. I know Beatrice lived with her mother in 19 Ladybellgate Street in 1901 census. Today I visited Blackfriars priory for a tour. Contact: Sam Tolley sam@lionvilla.net

posted 28 Sep 2006

103. I am researching a Rudge family who came to Stratford upon Avon in the late 1700's. I know that Joseph Rudge had a glass shop and carriers business in 1796 but was run over and killed by his own cart between Stratford & Warwick in approx. 1801. The Carriers business was then carried on by William Rudge and his wife Ann. They had five sons Joseph, James, John, William & Thomas. James born 8th July 1809 from whom I am descended took over the carriers business and he married Hannah Mitchell 08/04/1839. They had 3 children James b07/09/1844, Lucy b04/04/1847 & Thomas b30/06/1849. On the cessation of his carriers business James built a house in 1851in the Shipston Road in Stratford and then converted it to a pub called the Railway Inn (now TheTramway Inn) in 1861. His daughter Lucy (my great grandmother married William Such and moved to Evesham), Thomas is shown on the 1901 census as in the St Pancras area of London but no trace of James after the 1891 census. I am trying to find where the family came from prior to coming to Stratford. Also what happened to James b07/09/1844 who seems to have disappeared after the 1891 census although he may have gone to America and are any of the descendants of Thomas b30/06/1849 researching their Stratford roots.

Contact Valerie Harman derek@harman47.freeserve.co.uk

7 Mar 2007

104. Question regarding the Rudge Family in Halesowen, West Midlands. My fathers name was Eric as far as I know he had the following siblings - May, Edith, and possibly Henry. My father died when I was 8 in 1969 and I know nothing of his family. I hope you know something.

Contact Sally Weeks wba09@bigpond.com

3 Jan 2008

105. My Grandmother was Kate Rudge from Chadwell Heath in Essex. She married an Alfred James Marshall (my grandfather) I have no record of him and he died about 1918. Her mother was Eliza M Rudge and her father Horace J Rudge. Siblings Agnes, Charles, George, Harry W, Horace G, John, and Rose. They were a farming family and I understand had a stall in Romford Market.

Contact Pat Gillham patgillham@iinet.net.au

25 Jan 2008

106. My grandfather was born William Henry Rudge in Lasborough Gloucestershire and registered at Tetbury in 1882. He married Mary Jones and had a young daughter called Margaret (nicknamed Peggy). Mary died in 1913 and Grandad brought Peggy to Australia. Would anyone know the whereabouts of Mary Jones family. Grandpa Henry Rudge as he became known, was living in Wotton-under-Edge Gloucestershire with his family Charles Clifford Rudge and Emily Creed. He had a brother called Willie and another called Jack who was killed in the Battle of Rutland. I would appreciate be able to find the family of Mary Jones with mother of Peggy.

Contact: Glenda Handby (nee Rudge) glenjhan@gmail.com

29 Apr 2008

107. Searching for descendants of one branch of the Rudge family that migrated to Le Havre, France ca. 1840-1860. What I know about them is located here.

Contact: David Rudge david.rudge@wmich.edu

29 Apr 2008

108. I am trying to track Joseph Rudge (born abt 1814 Sedgley, Staffordshire, England) and Elizabeth Southwick (born about 1815 Sedgley, Staffordshire, England). I located them in the 1851 census with six children (including my gg grandfather Isaac) on Can(?) Lane. If anyone has any info I would appreciate it. Thanks.

Contact: Jan Moore-Simmons nick2nora@comcast.net

6 Sep 2008

109. Hello, I am researching the family of an Annie Maria Sherwood who married Cyril E Rudge in Wandsworth in 1910 with whom she had a daughter Gladys in 1911. If you or anyone has any information I would be delighted to hear from them to see what information we can share. I can be contacted from the links on www.ennever.com.

Contact: Barry Ennever barry@ennever.com

13 Oct 2008

110. Are there any descendants still alive from Private GHF Rudge from the Rifle Brigade ( 1st WW) who may have had connections with Sussex?

Contact: John Larkham Larkham@coltenewhaledent.co.uk

10 Nov 2008

111. I am in the process of researching my late mother's family tree. Her father, Herbert Francis Rudge, was born in 1908 in Glace Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada. His father, my great-grandfather, Ernlie James Rudge, was born in 1878 in Woolwich, England. He moved to Canada and married Mary Mombourquette in 1902. His wedding announcement in the local newspaper said he was the son of James and Elizabeth Rudge from Woolwich, England. I have not been able to find any information on James or Elizabeth Rudge (birthdates unknown). If anyone has any information on the Rudge family from Woolwich, England, I would appreciate hearing from you.

Contact: Gale Hartlen gphartlen@accesswave.ca

30 Jan 2009

112. I am trying to research my side of the Rudge family. My grandfather was Herman H Rudge, and had 2 brothers Harold Raymond, known as Ray, and Allan roy, known as Roy. they lived in Sebright Ave Worcester in 1911. Their father was john Cook Rudge, and I believe his father was also john Cook Rudge. My grandfather lost his mother, Clara rudge in 1905 and his father re married Charlotte Williams. Herman, like his father was a locomotive driver. He married Lily Wills and lived in Birmingham. Any other info would be great.

Contact: Julia Barron julia@barron230702.fsnet.co.uk

11 Feb 2009

113. I am looking for any information regarding my Father, Arthur Frank Rudge born April 25, 1912 in Deptford and his older sister Ivy Rudge - Lewellyn who has a daughter or granddaughter named Lorraine, Ivy had a sweet shop in her later years.

Contact: Lorraine Desjardins pauladesjardins@hotmail.com

11 May 2009

114. Rich. NEW and Kath. RUDGE, married 30 Oct 1739, All Saints', Evesham, Worcestershire, England. This reference came from the volumes of Worcestershire Marriages in Worcester Family History Centre. The RUDGE name is interesting because it is the family name of the Squires of Evesham - Lords of the Manor of Evesham - which perhaps they were then but were certainly so later. I know of three Richard NEWs there in Evesham or nearby at that time. Two can be eliminated because I know of their marriages and descendants. If it is the third, Richard, a son of Edward New and Margaret Freeman, then they had a daughter Hannah (named in Edward's Will of 1753/4). Incidentally, this Richard is incorrectly identified in the I.G.I. as the progenitor of a NEW family of Defford and Eldersfield. The Y-DNA doesn't match between those of us from the Evesham NEW family and a representative of this Defford family. Can anyone identify Kath Rudge?

Contact: Bob New bobnew@ntlworld.com

21 Jul 2009

115. Will anyone in Australia knowing the whereabouts of Bob Rudge (Robert)/Mother Doris(nee Hodges) Grandparents Elsie and Bert (B'Ham) reply to his Uncle Charles Rudge (brother of Bobs Dad Joe).We failed to reach him on his e'mail from year 2000 as time has lapsed.

Contact: Gill Rudge gill43@talktalk.net

24 Aug 2009

116. I'm trying to trace a relative who emmigrated to Austalia. He has posted on here already no 36. I tried the e-mail address listed above, but it doesn't seem to work. His name is Bob (Robert) Rudge. I have some good news for him about his relatives if he could contact me.

Contact: Charles Morris morrisinteriordecor@btinternet.com

24 Aug 2009

117. I'm trying to trace the family of Sarah Ann Rudge born Linchgate, Shropshire in 1885 and died at Woodbank Cheshire on the 2nd January 1922. Sarah's parents were Charles Rudge born 1864 in Asterton, Shropshire & Eliza born 1863 in Broome, Shropshire. Her grandparents were Thomas Rudge born 1823 in Norbury Shropshire & Sarah Jarrett born 1830 also in Norbury.

Contact: Carol Wood carol@philwoodassociates.com

25 Sep 2009

118. I’m looking for information on James John Rudge, born in 1851 at London Bow, Middlesex, England. He worked as a boiler maker.  He married Elizabeth (maiden name unknown) in 1873.  They had three children… Albert E., Elizabeth A. and Ernlie James. 

Contact: Gayle Hartlen gphartlen@acceswave.ca

9 Mar 2010

119. Looking for information on Ameila "Minnie" Rudge, wife of William Jesse Crassweller, immigrated to Canada from England in 1914. Amelia's father I believe was Joseph Rudge, married to Maria Hayward.

  Contact: David Wood woodd@shaw.ca

23 Mar 2010

120. I am a descendant of Emily Rudge who married the Baron Charles Phillipe Hyppolyte de Thierry, she was the daughter of Reverend Thomas Rudge, son of Thomas Rudge born about 1726.  If anyone has any information on this line please contact me.  I'm happy to share what information I have gathered also.

  Contact: Lee Arthur (Mrs) amaorigirl2@hotmail.com

5 Apr 2010

121. I am looking for anyone who knows anything about my brother whos name is Michael John Rudge born on the 28th April 1944 in Hackney London. Also my mother , her maiden name was Nellie Rudge and also my grandfather Horace Charles Rudge.

  Contact: Stefan Zukowski s.zukowski@gmx.de

11 Jun 2010

122. I also am looking for descendants of Emily Eliza Rudge and George Marshall from Gloucester, altho I think they may have lived in Yorkshire  after 1900.   However, I found an Ancestry.com original handwriting census form that shows Emily Rudge and George Marshall living together with a Thomas Rudge. (See also 120 above)

Contact: Glenda Handby glenjhan@tpg.com.au

14 Jun 2010

123. We now live at and run the marina below abbey manor in Evesham. Several years ago I was running hotel boats on the river and became friendly with a couple of elderly brothers called Godfrey and Desmond Nall. During their stays with us we discovered they had been evacuated to Abbey Manor during the war and had many fond tales of the place and family. I was wondering if anyone would remember these gentlemen,sadly one died recently. 

Contact: Doug Payne doug@limehome.fsnet.co.uk

14 Aug 2010

124. I'm currently researching my Rudge family tree based around the Oldham area in Lancashire. There seems to be a few links with surrounding families, such as my grandfather, James Rudge married Alice Smallwood, who was somehow related to Benjamin 'Benny' Gibson who passed away after an accident around the late 1930's. His sister Sarah Gibson who married Thomas Tideswell and had a son named Roy. There was also a Margaret who married a Mr. Reynolds. On my grandfathers side was his sister, Lucy Rudge. Their father was Tom Rudge that lived in Chadderton around the late 1800's. Toms father was James Rudge (The 'James' name seems to be a tradition to be passed down in our family that skips a generation). I have a book that belonged to Tom, with photos that seem to be dated back to the 1700's, but with no titles or names, I've no idea who they are. If anyone could help, please get in touch.

Contact: Jodie Rudge jodiejrudge@btopenworld.com

14 Aug 2010

125. My father was Clifford George Rudge born 1926 in Wolverhampton, his brother Benjamin was born in 1928. Their father's name was George Rudge and he was married to Clara Lyons (I think that was her surname). From what I recall George worked for the council - job unknown. My father Clifford immigrated to New Zealand shortly after the war, initially living in Tasmania. From conversations with my father I know he had 44 cousins, but sadly I do not know on what side of the family this was.

Contact: Sarah nee Rudge Laidler sarah.laidler@hotmail.com.com

14 Mar 2011

126. I am working on a book about Edward Kent the U.S. consul in Rio de Janeiro in 1849-1853. His daughter Charlotte married George Rudge, Jr., during those years. Charlotte died of yellow fever in May 1853, and apparently her baby did as well. The couple may have lived in Petropolis. If you can confirm any of this information or add any other facts about George, Charlotte, or their child, would you please let me know? Thank you for any help you may be able to provide. [See also No. 83 above.]

Contact: David Gold dmgold24@yahoo.com

26 Mar 2011

127. I have researched the Rudge family tree, due to the fact that  the Atkinson and Rudge family are connected. James Rudge a blacksmith, had a daughter Elizabeth Rudge who married a James Atkinson, in Weobley, Herefordshire. They did not have any children, and died in Lincolnshire. James Rudge  and his wife, Harriet had other children and would like to contact any descendant of these children.

Contact: Les Atkinson atkinson@dcsi.net.au

21 Nov 2011

128. I think I am a direct descendant of a line of the Rudge family which I can trace back to Bridstow, near Ross on Wye in 1663 when William Rudge married Blaunch A. - (the surname is impossible to read in the Parish Register). William and Blaunch had Joan (1665), Walter (1667), William (1671) and Mary (1674). William married Margaret Sharp at Bridstow in 1689 and had James (1690), Thomas (1692), William (1696), and John (1702). John married another Margaret (not sure where she came from) and had John (1725), Sarah (1727), William (1729). William married Ann Taylor at Ross on Wye in 1756 and had William (1763), Mary (1764). William married Elizabeth Mathews in 1788 at English Bicknor (across the county boundary in Gloucestershire) and had Sarah (1790), William (1792), James (1794), John (1796), Thomas (1799) and George (1803). William married Mary Merrick at Marstow (back across the River Wye into Herefordshire) in 1819 and had George (1819), William (1824), Edward (1827), Helen (1829), Eliza (1832), John (1834), Emily (1841) and Amos (1842). Edward married Eliza Phillips at Marstow in 1849 and had Albert (1852), Emily (1854), Edwin (1856). Albert married Sarah Ann Lewis in Hereford in 1875 and had Henry (1876), Edwin (1880), Emily (1881), Helen Winifred (1883), Albert Lewis (1887), Rosalind (1883) and Ernest. Henry married Maria Jenkins in Abenhall ((in Gloucestershire) in 1907 and had Henry (known as Harry) in 1908, Rene (1913) and Ruby (1915). Harry married Joan Clark in Perival, Middlesex in 1939 and had Stephen in 1949 – that ' s me. I would like to hear from anyone who is connected to this line. I think some descended from the 1790 ' s family at English Bicknor, and the 1820 ' s/1830 ' as family at Marstow (and later Whitchurch in Herefordshire) may have reached USA and Australia.  

Contact: Stephen Rudge Stephen.Rudge@Yahoo.com

21 Nov 2011

129. My mother was a Rudge and at various times I've looked at the geneology and the earliest mention in our tree was "James Rudge Born 1801" my grand dad was a Benjamin as was his father & Grandfather Born 1832,so I guess Benjamin was a favourite name . I've looked at your work on the Smethwick Rudges (Grandad Ben came from Ladywood & possibly Smethwick .) & also the Seisdon Rudges  but no leads. Can you help please?

Contact: Dave Morrish david@morrish.eu

17 Jan 2012

130. Seeking information about Alwyn Holberton SQUARE, husband of May Isobel Rudge (1898-1971). He was an officer of the Royal Field Artillery during World War I.

Contact: Jean-Pierre Jordaine jean-pierre.jourdain2@wanadoo.fr

19 Jun 2012

131. I am seeking information about the relationship between two members of the Rudge family in Australia. These two men were both landholders at Carrick in Tasmania in the 1840s, and were both brewery owners and innkeepers in Tasmania. It has been said that they were brothers, a claim that I am seeking to verify. My interest stems from research into the brewing industry in Tasmania, not from any family connection. John Rudge, born c.1813, was convicted at Middlesex and sentenced to transportation for seven years. He arrived in Van Diemen’s Land in 1830. He moved to the Port Phillip District (now Victoria) in 1846, and died there in April 1848. Frederick Rudge, born c.1820, operated the same brewery at Carrick, Tasmania, that had previously been operated by John Rudge before his move to the mainland. An obituary of George Caleb Rudge (born 1855), a son of Frederick, states that Frederick was an officer of the East India Company. Were there two men really brothers? If not, what was their relationship? Any leads will be appreciated.

Contact: Brett Stubbs brett.stubbs@scu.edu.au

6 Aug 2012

132. My gt gt gt gt grandfather was Joshua Rudge b around 1772. The earliest reference I have is his marriage to Esther / Hester Huggett in Sanderstead in 1799. The Huggetts were a long standing family from Croydon, which is where Joshua and Esther / Hester raised their family: Joseph, Esther, Mary, Rebecca (from whom I am descended) and Martha. There were no Rudges living in Croydon prior to Joshua's marriage, but I can find no reference to the birth of a Joshua Rudge anywhere in England. Please can anyone help!

Contact: Hilary Bradnam hilarybooks@aol.com

11 Jan 2014

133. My name is Linda Judd, nee Rudge. After my brother, Edwin Paul Rudge's sudden death last year, I have felt rather 'out on my own'. My brother was the last member of my family. Our father was Robert Alexander Rudge who died in 1993 at the age of 80. His parents were Caroline Josephine Jenkins and Edwyn Ross Rudge. They were married at St Paul's Parish Church, Ealing in1912. On their  Wedding certificate, Grandpa's (Edwyn) Father is down as Charles, deceased. Gentleman. That is where the trail stops. As a child I was told by Grandpa, that they lived in a big house and it took 2 "servants" to close the door at night? Other family conversations, which I overheard, were that Grandpa, had, had a falling out with his family. He wanted to pursue a trade, which was not done, and so went his way and I gather was disinherited. He became an Electrical Engineer (1911 Census = Edwyn Ross Rudge) After marriage to my Grandmother, they boarded a ship to New Zealand on 24th January, 1913. My Father, Robert was born later that year: 12th November, 1913. I have a copy of a Family Tree, that was Grandpa's, then Dad's. The Family was De Rugge, then later Rudge.

Contact: Linda Judd bernijudd@clear.net.nz

10 Mar 2016

134. I'm trying to locate my ancestors of the Rudge Family. My ancestors name is Charles William George Ridge born in 1844. My grandmother, Nelly Catherine Rudge Foti, traveled to london in 1976 to trace our family to the Evesham Rudges and we only found one living adopted cousin Anthony J. De Nouaille Rudge born 1930_1931, he was adopted as as Rudge. Any way, I've tried to look him up based on the research paperwork from the Evesham Historical society done in Nov 1976 stating he was the only living relative of our Evesham branch. My little brother, whom is not so little anymore, contacted a professor who studies royal families and said that they thought our side of the rudges who live in the states died off. My grandmother made me promise when she died in 2011 that I would travel to london update our ancestry and have another family crest made for my generation. I have letters when my grandmother worked at the Pentagon and correspondent to the King of Arms and letters/pictures of when she had tea with the Queen of England. I have all the documentation that I need to update everything and my grandmother's documents proving that we are in fact the rudges of evesham. Now Anthony rudge is about 85 and he has no children and my grandmother gave him permission the collect the royalties and take care of whatever needed to be taken care of when he lived in Churchover, Rugby, Worcestershire. I looked him up and found out he currently lives in Wigginton, Banbury, Oxfordshire. I tried looking up his telephone number but it's not listed. I wanted to ask his help since he helped my grandmother with the petitions for our family. My husband and I are traveling to Evesham to visit and I just wanted to see where we all came from and my history. I have already contacted Evesham Historical Society asking asking for information but haven't heard back yet. I'm the oldest granddaughter and I'm trying to make it to where we don't lose what little info we have left. I am living in Spain on military orders and about to start a family so any pointers of exactly where we fit into this family tree would be helpful.

Contact: Nikki Evanzia Nikki.Evanzia@yahoo.com

31 Aug 2016

135. Recently came across a post from Diane Hofton (Query #5 above) enquiring about descendants of Edward Rudge who passed away in Dudley in Birmingham in 1995. Edward was my grandfather. I would be grateful for any information as to why this lady was looking for us.

Contact: Paul Rudge paulrudge91@gmail.com

10 Nov 2018

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