This is a genealogy of a Williamson family that lived in Henrico County, VA. My research has focused on the descendants of 1. John B. Williamson (1776-1815), who lived in Hanover Co. and Henrico Co. VA.

A second John Williamson (d. Jul 1806) lived in Henrico Co. VA about at the time of my ancestor. I have no idea whether they were related. This second John Williamson married Sarah Price and, according to his will, had at least six children, Thomas Williamson, John Price Williamson, Elizabeth Williamson, Mary Lancaster Williamson, Rebecca nee Williamson Bowles and Sarah B. nee Williamson Talley. Those who are interested in following the descendants of Sarah B. nee Williamson Talley should contact George Hughes Jr. (

Descendants of John B. Williamson of Henrico County, VA

"Breedlove family lived in King & Queen Co. VA related to President Madison. Mary O. Breedlove married John B. Williamson (Scotch) Lived in Hanover County, VA. Lucy Williamson, daughter, married John Bath (English) Lived in Richmond (War of 1812) (1) Sophia Bath married Archie Pae (Scotch) (2) Jane Bath married William Cook. Lived in Rich. VA." (A set of notes found among Louisa Rudge Coble Bareford's papers.)

First Generation

1. John B.1 Williamson. He was born the eldest son of George Williamson ca. 1776 presumably in VA and died on 22 Apr 1815 in Richmond, Henrico Co., VA (according to what appears to be an obituary for him (extract below)). The note above identifies him as of Scotish descent. In a letter giving his consent for his daughter to marry, he indicates he was writing while living in Hanover Co. VA.

John B. married Mary Oglevy BREEDLOVE ca. 1790, presumably in VA. Information about her ancestry is located here.

LETTER OF CONSENT: "Hanover May 2, 1810 Dear Sir Mr. John Bath of the City of Richmond Has asked my Consent to marry my Daughter Lucy Williamson of the same City. This will certify that He Has my full approbation to Do so, as Such you will Greatly oblige me by Granting Him His License. I am your... John Williamson, Esq., Mary [?] Williamson, Herman B. Sneed."

CENSUS RECORD: 1810- there is one John Williamson in Hanover Co. and also another listed in Henrico Co.

OBITUARY [?]:"Died on the 22d inst. in the 39th year of his life, Mr. John Williamson, eldest son of Geo. Williamson, Esq. of this city." (26 Apr 1815 The Richmond Enquirer p. 3; taken from Index to Obituary Notices in the Richmond Enquirer 1804-1828 & Richmond Whig 1824-38 by H. R. McIrwaine 929.3755.))

John B. WILLIAMSON and Mary Oglevy BREEDLOVE had at least one child:

	2	i.	Lucy2 WILLIAMSON (b. 1790)

Second Generation

2. Lucy2 WILLIAMSON (John B.1). According to her burial record, she was born ca. 1792 in Henrico Co., VA. (This date is consistent with the suggestion in the record of marriage noted below that she was not quite of full age.) She was buried on 11 Apr 1849 in the Shockoe Cemetery, Richmond, VA according to her burial record (below).

Lucy married John BATH on 11 May 1810 in Henrico Co., VA. He was born ca. 1777 according to his burial record and according to the note mentioned above was of English descent. He is referred to as being of Richmond, Henrico Co. VA in a record of his marriage and also a letter of consent to this marriage by his father-in-law, John B. Williamson. He died of apoplexy and was buried on 4 Nov 1841 in the Shockoe Cemetery, Richmond, VA according to his burial record (below). Information about their descendants is located here.

RECORD OF MARRIAGE: "KNOW all men by these presents that we John Bath and Herman B. Sneed are held and firmly bound to his excellency John Tyler Esq. Governor and Chief Magistrate of the Commonwealth of Virginia, in the just and full sum of one hundred and fifty dollars, to which payment well and truly made to the said Governor and his successors for use of the said Commonwealth; we bind ourselves, our heirs, executors and administrators jointly and severally by these presents. Selaled with our seals and dated this 11th day of May 1810. Th condition of the above obligation is such that if there be no lawful cause to obstruct a marriage intended to be had and solemnized between the above bound John Bath and Lucy Williamson, both of the County of Henrico, then the above obligation be void else to remain in full force and virtue. Executed in the presence of John Bath (L.S.) Wm. Richardson Herman B. Sneed (L.S.) Sc. this day appeared before me Clerk of said and made oath on the holy Evangelists of Almighty God that the within named is above the age of twenty-one years and a resident of said Given under my hand this day of 18. See consent page 106."

CENSUS RECORDS: 1820- there is one John Bath present in the index to the 1820 census, he is indicated as living in Richmond, Henrico Co. VA (Bath, John, Rcy 169); 1830- a John Bath is listed as living in Monroe W., Richmond, Henrico Co. VA, again the only John Bath listed in the index (Bath, John Rich 372 Monroe W); 1840 - only one John Bath is included in the index, he is listed as living in Richmond, Henrico Co. (Bath, John Henr 197 Richmond).

BURIAL RECORD FOR JOHN BATH: "57-39 John Bath, age 64, buried 4 Nov 1841, died of apoplexy, buried in Range 1, Section 8, Quarter 2, Row 1, Grave 1. Owner not listed. " (Richmond City, Shockoe cemetery 1822-1982 interment cards)

BURIAL RECORD FOR LUCY NEE WILLIAMSON BATH: "Lucy Bath, age 57, buried 11 Apr 1849, Range 6, Section 12, Quarter 2, Row 2, Grave 2. Owner: Johannah Houck. " (Richmond City, Shockoe cemetery 1822-1982 interment cards)

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